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October 6, 2011 by staff 

Steve Jobs DeadSteve Jobs Dead, On Wednesday night, opened with black and black image of Steve Jobs, along with your name and year of birth and death. Yes, the assistant coach and teacher is the most stylish gadgets. Jobs, who was diagnosed with a rare form of pancreatic cancer in 2004 and underwent a liver transplant two years ago, died Wednesday at age 56.
Here is a tribute to Apple:

“Apple has lost a visionary and a creative genius, and the world has lost an incredible human being. Those of us who have been fortunate to meet and work with Steve have lost a dear friend and inspiring mentor. Steve leaves behind whether a company that could only have been built, and his spirit will always be the foundation of Apple. ”

Here are some of the interesting aspects of the life of Steve Jobs that few of his admirers know.

Apple engineer was Burrell Smith, who coined the term “Field distortion of reality.” The reason behind the word was to explain the charismatic nature of Jobs and his ability to convince his listeners. Smith uses the term in the context of working with employment, but is now widely used to describe her charming personality, in general, especially on stage.

According to former Apple employee Mike Evangelist, Main Jobs addresses were well prepared months in advance. They were right blend of delicate humor, suspense and timing.

“What really gets is the way he talks. There is something in the rhythm of his speech and conveys the incredible enthusiasm for what they are talking about is contagious,” said the journalist Alan Deutschman.

Another important thing about the public execution of Jobs and interviews was the use of the pronoun “we.” Almost all part-time jobs spoke, never said “I,” but means “I” with a “we.” During an interview at D5, Walt Mossberg, curiously asked, “Who is ‘we’?” Jobs replied, “Well, me!” His biological sister Mona Simpson wrote in her novel that her brother was a habit of working in a private conversation as well.

Jobs had been a vegan dedicated from the teenage years. At the age of 19 years at Reed College, work explores strange diets, according to him, allowed him to get rid of the mucous membranes and therefore the need to shower. At one point in time, Jobs began to eat only fruits. He also began the custom of fasting that lasted for a long time. One of his favorite foods was known for being raw carrot.

A title of one of the newspaper articles written about the character difficult to Jobs was “The problem with Steve Jobs.” . According to Robert Sutton, professor of management science at Stanford and author of best-seller “The No Asshole Rule,” “The degree to which people in Silicon Valley are afraid of Jobs is unbelievable made people feel terrible , which made the people mourn. ”

It was during his early years at Apple that Jobs earned this reputation. In 1981, the founder Jef Raskin’s Macintosh project complained to then-Apple CEO Scott, Mike temper Jobs. There are a number of chances to work with employees angry and fire them for trivial reasons.

Jobs is certainly a source of inspiration for many people who dream and want to experience their dreams. But the magician same device is inspired by some individuals and father figures. He always praised the folk singer Bob Dylan. He played music and sang songs all day in his youth.

Another inspiration was Kobun Otogowa Chinese, official spiritual adviser to come. In 1970, Jobs was guru Zen from the Zen Center of Los Altos. Otogowa credit was to convince Jobs to Apple instead of starting to become a vicar zen.

Other names that serve as sources of inspiration for the work including the American photographer Ansel Adams, co-founder of Sony, Akio Morita, the inventor / entrepreneur, Thomas Edison, industrialist Henry Ford, and the founder of Atari and the first job ” employer (and only), Nolan Bushnell.

In his youth, studied Zen Buddhism job. He used to say he wanted to become a monk in a monastery in Japan instead of starting Apple. However, his guru Otogowa Chinese Kobun later made him think otherwise.
Using the name of his wife work was supported by the Democratic party for each election. After leaving Apple in 1985, thought about running for governor of California. However, he later gave the decision.
Jobs loved photography. For too long, decorated her home only with large black and white photos of cultural icons like Einstein, or the California landscape, mostly taken by Ansel Adams. He also prints Adams in his office next door.
The Apple Museum of Stanford University holds the collection of memorabilia of famous Apple that Jobs donated after his return to Apple. The museum has documents and images into the exclusive Apple first 20 years (1976-1996).

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