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October 22, 2011 by staff 

Steve Jobs BiographySteve Jobs Biography, Having revolutionized computers and telephones, and brought the concept of mainstream tablets, Steve Jobs had one more trick up its sleeve that Apple now try to run without it: the Apple TV. No, not the five-year experiment with the same name in which a set top box shrinking sits next to your existing cable box so you can play the contents of your computing device or tap the iTunes Store. Jobs seeks to make real the Apple TVs running a version of Apple’s IOS operating system, according to the new authorized biography of Employment as reported by The Washington Post. My guess is that the interface is a combination of a touch-based remote control panel similar to Apple’s Magic touchpad with a form of Apple’s new digital voice command assistant Siri. Jobs once famously quipped that the team is where you go when your brain is activated, and the TV is so that your brain shuts down. However, with the two products start to take some of their functions, and even begin to interact with each other, most disastrously ineffective so far, it’s no surprise that Jobs wanted to conquer this market in particular …
There are two reasons for Mr. Jobs to go there. One is the simple matter of competition. Rivals such as Google (Chrome OS give the manufacturers of television free) and Microsoft (by building their installed base of Xbox) are already trying to go there. That alone has never been enough to push Apple’s Jobs to take there. Witness the subscription music market. Although vendors such as Rhapsody and Lala tried to go there, Apple stayed away. Indeed, it turns out that almost nobody wants to pay to rent music, and companies that are market niches or failures, even as Apple’s iTunes store dominates the digital music overwhelmingly through sales of music. But when he saw his rival Jobs go to one place and gain real market share, which was willing to change plans. Despite having been working on the iPhone since last early in the last decade, Jobs decided to go ahead and make an iPhone and when he saw it was going to be a popular market if Apple participated in it or not. Indeed, the iPhone created an installed base of IOS that helped facilitate iPad adoption when it launched a year later. An Apple TV can help guide consumers to other Apple products iOS too. In theory, the current Apple TV box has to do that. But it was a niche (although most users of Apple products probably do not know it exists) has not had an impact one way or another. However, the majority of the population of a television set. If Apple can sell people an actual TV that happens to run IOS and has all the functionality of Apple TV box built into it, then it gives Apple another Tentpole inside the house on which to build. There is also the fact that Jobs must surely have thought that could improve the current TV experience in a meaningful way …

This was home for me this week, when I was given a practical demonstration of a new Sony “intelligent television” run Google Chrome. I’m not enough of one type of television you have expectations one way or the other. But in every sense, the product’s interface incredibly horrible. The remote control, apparently there were a hundred buttons and a rotary joystick that even people who do the fighting demonstrations. These products are in their early stages, and these companies supposed to work hard to improve that experience. And to be fair, the experience was more terrible than the horrors of the hundred button now offer satellite TV and cable box makers, the only difference is that now there is a joystick and a mouse in question. The real problem is that while hundreds of buttons and a wheel is clearly an error in the television interface, no one seems to know what the interface is well.

Except maybe the job. According to the biography next, said the Apple TV “has the simplest user interface you can imagine. Finally broke.” We’ll finally find out what he is referring to, and that every one can judge that time as to whether, in fact, understand this. You have to figure it plays Siri somehow. Even those who may feel strange voice commands your iPhone in public would feel more comfortable doing the same with your TV in the privacy of your own home. And if we have seen a consistent pattern in the final of Jobs than a decade, more than Apple, is that ideas that work on a product are always used in the rest. IOS was successful on the iPhone, and found his way to the iPhone and iPod touch. Before that, the click wheel was a success in the iPod mini so he found his way to the main model of iPod. And if Syria ends up being the kind of game-changing interface on iPhone that Apple is waiting, you have to believe it will be natural for Apple TV.

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