Stephenie Meyer: Why Fans Should Read Bree Tanner Before Seeing Eclipse

June 6, 2010 by Post Team 

Stephenie MeyerStephenie Meyer: Why Fans Should Read Bree Tanner Before Seeing Eclipse:Q: Bree only appears in a couple of pages of Eclipse. What was the character you want to further explore its history?

A: At first, I was not specifically fascinated Bree – went to newborns in general. While I was writing Eclipse, there were many things behind the scenes, of course, things did not know Bella. Because I was focused on Bella, I could not dwell too much on the history of the newborns, however, there was always on my mind a general idea of what they were doing. I had to think about it while I was walking through the plot: Bella is at this point, babies are doing this. To keep everything in order, finally made a schedule for the months of May and June – is that all agreements with Eclipse – and scored in each picture what was happening with Bella that day and what was happening in Seattle. So the story of newborns was always a big part of the history of Eclipse. And made me a little sad that there was no way to express any of that in the book.

Bree is the only newborn mentioned by name in Eclipse, the only baby who has contact with the Cullens (other than being killed by them), and newborn found only with the Volturi in a clearing. She is living longer, making it the narrator who can tell the whole story. She was a natural choice to chronicle the history of the newborns. Once I started writing from his perspective, she really came to life. So much so that as the inevitable end was near, it was really depressing to go ahead. It was harder for me to kill Bree than any other fictional character I’m dead, even though I was his death a second time. (Before Bree, the saddest was Walter in The Host.)

Q: Why do we feel it is important that people read the story of Bree before the film release of Eclipse?

R: Eclipse is told from the unique perspective of Bella. This has some limitations, when there are so many things that happen off stage (so to speak), it leaves a lot of mysteries. The films have the advantage of seeing the story from the outside of Bella’s head. Viewers can see things – like the hunting of wolves in New Moon Victoria-that the reader gets only notes. Of all the books Twilight, Eclipse has the most going on outside of view of Bella. To make the film work, we must see and understand some of these things.

Knowing that elements of the story of Bree are being incorporated into the film, I somehow expected the story would come out first. Personally, I always want to read a book before seeing the film. I like making my own mental images before anyone gets in the picture. Probably most of my readers are not as hung up, but for those that do, I wanted to give them the opportunity to create their own mental images of Bree and the gang.

Q: In what order I recommend reading The Twilight Saga with the addition of the short life of Bree Tanner II? Eclipse should continue or terminate the novel Breaking Dawn before breaking the pages of The Short Life of Bree Tanner II?

A: If I were to read the series for the first time, I probably read the story of Bella directly through before embarking on other perspectives.

Q: Why did the American Red Cross as the recipient of charitable donations from the sale of the short life of Bree Tanner II?

A: I was very touched by the outpouring of support after the disaster in Haiti. A lot of Twilight fans communities made the fundraising effort, and I was so impressed by their efforts. I wanted to continue that movement. I think it’s important to go to Haiti and Chile quickly, now that they are not the focus of the media. It takes a long time to recover from such devastation and still need our help.

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