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September 18, 2010 by Post Team 

Star Wars Adventures, Although not the Star Wars MMO, probably the majority of people are eagerly awaiting the announcement of Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures based on the currently airing Star Wars: Clone Wars television series was relatively not very long ago with a beta which seemed to follow as quickly. No matter if you can quote all the lines coming from the mouth of Yoda, or only know him as the type of vegetation. If you like Star Wars (or even casual games in general) is likely to dig this compilation and its social elements.

Despite being an MMO, do not go in expecting business as usual. No mission. No gain levels. Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures is all about playing games, earning credits, buying items, winning prizes, and interact with friends. Players start by choosing your character, which can be male or female, then either a general look like a Jedi or clone soldier. For those willing to put some money in the game, you can customize your character base from a handful of various options.
Clone Wars Adventures even has player housing of the box (a box wellnot literal) that the player can customize and edit as much as your little heart desires. Furniture and items in the store bought the game using the same credit and real world microtransaction options used for the other options in the game. There are several available themes, ranging from furniture that looks like it belongs under the sea to the rooms you would be right at home on a ferry cruising through space. Like clothing options, you can mix and match pieces, as you want. The positioning and editing system is also very easy to use. Run to the room you want to customize, open the Edit menu, and then grab, drag and drop the item you want whenever you want on the screen. An article is not 100% connected to an area on the placement or, as you can use the editing system to rotate or move the item to fit your vision. Friends can even visit your site and rank you based on your design skills.
An easy to use customization system is going to leave until you need the game and fun to support it. For those who buy a membership, you will have full access to all games available today nineteen. If you choose to play for free, you still have access to most games, but you miss out on six of the titles (two of them are playing up once for additional credits, so not a big loss when about that). With that said, while leaving only four playing at any time “games will be losing two of them are among the best games in the bunch.

Games include six members daily exclusive Holocron (win a few extra credits and get a quote cold), Daily Trivia (answer some questions based Star Wars as fast as possible), the attack on the cruise (a cooperative game Asteroids-esque game), Crystal Tuning (an addictive puzzle game), Republic warship (a side-scrolling adventure in the line of classics such as Gladius), and the mine Buster (another addictive puzzle game with exploding space mines Threat Ghost chase between Jango and Obi-Wan).
The main reason for the selection of games work is due to the Star Wars license has been applied to these securities. When R2 is locked in a tower, cries crying technique that fans know him for. When Anakin throws his lightsaber, makes hissing noise hovers directly in the series. Developers did a great job (especially in the sound department) to give life to these games, not only by using sounds and music that seems instantly familiar but also with the inclusion of graphic styles that fans are accustomed to thanks to the cartoon series.

I enjoyed my time in Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures and easily see myself going into the game once it comes into force and continued for many of the games over and over again. Given the nature of the game, I hope the developers to create new items in the store, and more importantly mini somewhere in the near future, so that there is always the possibility of continued growth to look forward as more and more players discover the title.

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