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December 8, 2009 by USA Post 

Stand Up Straight:The abortion issue is just a diversion It seems the abortion issue is just a diversion. As per Robert Creamer — the convicted felon who, inspired by Saul Alinsky, wrote “Stand Up Straight: How Progressives Can Win,” which contains the guidelines for the Obamacare scam — details like abortion do not matter. They will “compromise” on any such “details.” What matters is just gaining control. Once in control, they’ll do as they please.

And we can see the horrors they have in store for us based on Obama’s pro-abortion and pro-infanticide (late-term abortion) stand, and the aberrant stands of Obama’s Health Care Czar Ezekiel Emanuel and Science Czar John Holdren.

Obama’s Health Care Czar Ezekiel Emanuel, rightfully called “Doctor Death,” would make Dr. Kervorkian proud.

Dr. Emanuel has said that “Medical care should not be given to those who are irreversibly prevented from being or becoming participating citizens.”

As per Dr. Emanuel, your mother suffering from Alzheimer’s or your child diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome SHOULD NOT receive medical care.

And Obama’s “Science Czar” John Holdren has called for population-control policies such as forced abortions, mass sterilizations, and mandatory population controls.

Lies do not change the FACT that we are broke and Obamacare will further destroy our economy, our future and the future of our children and grandchildren.

Additionally, lies do not change the FACT that Obamacare is another scam to enslave us.

Pray the fraudulent and criminal Obamacare bill slips forever into oblivion!

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