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September 18, 2010 by staff 

Soylent Green, The market again today, because as Warren Buffett said the economy is doing well (and as we both award-winning Genius Prevail know, if you keep saying something, people will eventually believe you) as indicated by the fact that he is back to power four Faberge eggs scrambled for breakfast with Soylent Green, as opposed to only two, Basel III has been accepted by central banks, regulators, and shamans (potentially ratified later this year), and all regression models that use outdated data to forecast the economy have decided to draw a hockey stick cards in honor of the upcoming winter season. So it was a good day when you were of the long and locked in some profits but without doubt one day better if you were long Sophie Monk and locked in your branch and parts (and yes, this is the worst pun in the history of the award WGP win, but you get what you pay for).

The new financial regulations caused bank rally regulations are considered as not stringent enough to keep more banks to manipulate the market, yet rigorous enough to give the perspective that they restrict predatory lending behavior that started this whole recession Cumulative global economic depression. The most important of those new requirements is that banks must now hold 7.5% of the shares as reserves (against 4% in the U.S., 2% in most of Europe, and 0% in Greece), and will be forced to comply by 2019, giving only 9 banks more years to handle the sh * t on loans and cause another crisis before world different rules are not set up when they become obsolete before they are even implemented. Phew.

Seriously, money McBags breathe so much easier now than in almost nine years (which is the case of Basel III is fully ratified by the end of the year and the EU still exists in 2019), banks must hold more reserves, or simply push for lower lending off balance sheet sheet Sleights of hand, as conduits, structured investment vehicles, and E is inconceivable Lloyd Blankfein has * Trade account. Market rally is just an excuse but you have money McBags more fascinated if that blind people read Play boy him in everything that is likely not the case for nine years with exponential acceleration of technology and medicine, to 9 years, we all capital reserve may be living on Ura**s (or slightly longer and infinitely more comfortableanl Ines Sainz) Grokking the fall of society not caring one iota about whether C or LAC holds.

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