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Sound Of Music Cast, Ineta Bebb was a little reluctant to be identified as an Okie From Muskogee, saying she did not think she was worthy of attention. Originally from Kansas, she and her brother and sister grew up in a happy family. She has fond memories of his father and mother, Howard and Gleeola Williams.

“My father played with me,” she said. “We sat on the porch and discuss cars and basketball together. And we played catch. My mother recycled things around the house by finding new uses for them. She also sold homes, exercise equipment and beauty products. She was able to give me voice, piano and harp. It was an extraordinary person. ”

Bebb said that his family was very active in their church. “If the doors were open, we were there,” she said. She did well at school and then earned two degrees in music at the University of Kansas. She also met another student, Martin Bebb, who became her husband after making a strong impression.

“I noticed that his persistence, she said. “He was a mathematician with great pleasure. He departed, and he learned to play tennis.” Martin spent four years in the U.S. Air Force before the family packed and moved to her hometown of Muskogee.After teaching for a number of years, Ineta Bebb found his real career as a minister of music ministries at St. Paul United Methodist Church. She said that the words of church music should be part of the larger mission. “I am very careful on the text of songs, because I want young people to understand the theology of the Methodist Church, she said. “It’s something they can take and use to live their life a little better. That’s why I love hymns. They are so full of wonderful theology. ”

Bebb said to be involved in the church is central to his lifestyle. “It’s a family, and everyone I work with has become a friend,” she said. “I really do not know how families who do not do a church. Church is so vital to the family unit. I think I have a regret. I was focused on being a good employee and may not be as good as a member. I would like to change this in the future. ”

The church has a main choir, three bell choirs, all men, a youth choir and three children’s choirs. “My assistant has the youth choir, I just gave up this year,” she said. “I am 67 years old. It is time to start doing less. I’m semi-retired. ” Bebb said she plans to spend more time playing tennis, biking, and playing bridge with friends.The music began at an early age Ineta Bebb has spent over 38 years of his life in the music program at St. Paul United Methodist Church. She said her life in music began when she grew up in Wichita, Kan. His father, Howard Williams, was a gifted musician who gave him an example to follow. During the day, it was a factory worker settling in the air that was compressed gas tanks. But his creative side was outstanding.

“My father was a fine baritone beautiful,” Bebb said. “I liked to accompany him to church when he sang a solo.” Bebb’s mother Gleeola provided significant support for his daughter’s interests in music. She was ready to sacrifice much of her time helping her daughter to take lessons in voice, piano and harp.

“My mother was a very interesting person,” said Bebb. “She did not want me to do my laundry, make my bed or other household chores. She wanted me to practice my music. If someone wants to say something good something I did in music, she did not tell me because she did not make me a big head. ” Bebb love and respect for his parents is profound. “I always thought they were better people than me, and I admire very much,” she said. Bebb as a little older, she instinctively saw his path in life.”I knew I was a musician, probably the first time I sat at a piano,” she said. “And the first time I went to church camp, I knew I’d be a musician church. ”

The path to marriage includes music Bebb was also a hard worker with other studies in school. “Mathematics has always been my favorite,” she said. “I did not read, but I was good at grammar. I was a good student. I always tell people that I did and B until I took the domestic economy. I got my only D sewing. ” During his adolescence at Wichita High School, she spent six weeks in a music camp organized by the University of Kansas. She was so impressed that she chose KU as a place to attend college.

“I was on scholarship at KU,” Bebb said. “I was in” Fellowship Hall “where we could live, but we had to pay for our own food. I had to help with chores, and I do cooking and cleaning. That’s where I ‘ I learned to cook. ” Bebb earned a Bachelor of Music Education and began to pursue a master’s degree in voice. That’s when she met Martin Bebb, a gifted student in mathematics, oboist and singer who would become her husband.

“It was just a blind date and we continued on,” she said. “He was a freshman and I was a senior. He convinced me he was the man to marry. I knew him a year before we got married. ” A year and a half later, in 1967, both graduated. The Vietnam War had begun. Martin volunteered for the Strategic Air Command Band. The U.S. Air Force proposes to both the area of Omaha, Nebraska, and they settled in Bellview. Bebb has taught music in elementary schools for two years, then began teaching the harp, voice and piano. In 1971, their daughter Stephanie was born.

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