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December 7, 2011 by staff 

Sons Of Anarchy, Episode Title: “To Be… Part 2″ Writers: Kurt Sutter & Chris Collins Director: Kurt Sutter Previously on “Sons of Anarchy”: Episode 4.13: “To Be… Part 1″ Story: It’s D-Day for the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle club. With Clay Morrow (Ron Perlman) still in the hospital for his gunshot wounds, his stepson, Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) plans to meet with the Irish Kings and the Galindos cartel to forge a gun deal that will solidify the future of SAMCRO. And close by, Assistant U.S. District Attorney Lincoln Potter (Ray McKinnon) has assembled a massive task force for his RICO operation, even if Sheriff Eli Roosevelt (Rockmond Dunbar) doesn’t seem all that impressed. Lincoln rallies his troops and he has footage of Jax and the Sons with the guns. Why, the only thing that could ruin this investigation… just pulled up.

Lincoln and company are confronted by Romeo (Danny Trejo) and his number 2, Luis Torres (Benito Martinez) as well as a government agent who orders the RICO investigation to be shut down immediately as a matter of national security. Lincoln realizes that this means that the CIA is backing the Galindos cartel in Mexico, and they want all of his files and contacts. Meanwhile, Jax goes through with the meeting, but True IRA member Galen (Timothy V. Murphy) is skeptical about Clay’s absence and he refuses to deal with the Galindos or Jax until Clay returns.

In private with Romeo and Luis, Jax tries to use this as an excuse to free SAMCRO from their Galindos ties, but they flash him their CIA issued badges and tell him that they need this deal with the Irish to go down or else the RICO investigation will be reinstated and used to destroy SAMCRO. Romeo also admits that Clay set up the hit on Tara through them, but they only tried to take her into protective custody when she was hurt. They also tell Jax that Big Otto Delaney (Kurt Sutter) gave up Bobby Muson (Mark Boone Junior), but they’ll try to get him out. The biggest catch is that Jax needs Clay alive to keep the gun deal in place.

Before parting from the almost abandoned RICO staging area, Lincoln gives Roosevelt the file on Jean Carlos “Juice” Ortiz (Theo Rossi), along with an alibi for Juice that will save his life with the Sons. They part on mostly good terms, even as Lincoln acknowledges that he doesn’t really like people. Roosevelt brings the file to Juice in lockup and offers him the chance to destroy the record linking him to his black father. Roosevelt insists that he’s freeing Juice to get back to being a cop, instead of a blackmailer. Meanwhile, Mayor Jacob Hale (Jeff Kober) is having a city counsel meeting to get his Charming Heights luxury housing approved.

But before that can happen, Lincoln arrives with a bag full of sex toys and a young boy blow up doll for pedophiles as he unmasks Hale’s primary investors as a sleezy Japanese prn company. Roosevelt’s wife beams as Lincoln lurches out of the city council meeting almost as quickly as he arrived. When Hale confronts him, Lincoln says that he did it to give the good guys a win. Also, he really doesn’t like Mayor Hale. In the hospital, Jax gets into Clay’s room and dismisses Tig (Kim Coates). Jax then lowers the shades and produces the syringe given to him by Tara. But before he can use it, Clay wakes up and calls out for his son.

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