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Sofia Black D Elia, (CP) – The new MTV series “Skins” is based on time-tested themes of teen drama. Such as: Teenagers are remarkably cornea. They are all superb, even the marginalized – and beautifully thin, with exceptions made only for comic relief. And all other adults or authority figures are crazy, tyrannical or out to lunch.

These rules were put in place at least 50 years; when Troy Donahue was bird-dog Connie Stevens in “Palm Springs Weekend.”

Of course, things have changed since then in the lives of teenagers, and “Skins” is pleased to catalog their antics ramp-up and anxiety. But this show may not be quite as representative of modern life as he would have you believe. For one thing, it’s a very small sampling exercise.

Who cares? A sxy, no excuses, slice of teenage life contemporaries, “Skins” are fun to watch. It is a sassy, gritty turn in Teenage Wasteland. And he manages to find surprises in the litany of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll.

He even won a hello reverse Parents Television Council, which on Thursday blew MTV for the marketing of the show at a teenage audience (who else could it be marketed?) And said, “Skins” may well be telecasted the most dangerous for children than we have ever seen. ”

Believe me, “Skins” is dangerous for us viewers long past adolescence, too. Watching it, we can reasonably despair that adolescents have an exclusive right to both thrill and misery. We get nothing.

Premiering Monday (in Canada on The Movie Network / Movie Central), “Skins” is based on the successful British series of the same name co-created by Bryan Elsley and his son as a teenager, Jamie Brittain.

Like the original, the United States “Skins” stars a cast of new faces; many of them actors for the first time the show are actually offering all adolescents. They are excellent, and despite their beauty reliable (even the nerd is dilapidated fashion-model), they taste the authenticity of man, rather than stereotypes.

Located in a dreary city northeast high school with a lively, “Skins” focuses on nine main characters that are related to each other over dial.

Chris (Jesse Carere) is adorable, live-to-party guy today. Abboud (Ron Mustafaa) fell on Muslim who is a game for any mischief. Stanley (Daniel Flaherty) is a scene-stealer as the lanky nerd who still suffers the pain of virginity as he approaches his 17th birthday.

Cadie (Britni Oldford) is frankly bizarre, it does not handle kitchen knives and it consumes more drugs than a cage full of lab rats. Michelle (Rachel Thevenard) is beautiful, but insecure. Tea (Black D’Elia Sofia) is a cheerleader boy who likes girls tempting. Eura (Eleanor Zichy) stays out all night and seems never to utter a word. Daisy (Camille Cresencia-Mills) who is responsible – but that could change – and a prodigy trumpet player, to boot.

Different episodes of the season 10-part focus on different characters, but the first with the audience to each through the eyes of Tony (James Newman), magnetic group, operator of glib.

Tony is first seen waking up in his spider-patterned sheets. He smiled through his window at the woman nkd in the window of the room next door, which smiled back at him. It jacks up the volume on its music at a deafening volume. His father cried, as he expected.

Soon he is on his way to school and working his cell phone, cycling through the other characters as a taxi dispatcher.

The ultimate manipulator, Tony is throwing a party where his friend Stan is introduced to sex in exchange for a stash of marijuana rating Tony revelers can sell to fast money.

The site of the party: the house of a rich girl Tony snags when trying for the choir in a school for girls pretentious.

For his audition he sang, “Birds do it, bees do it. Let’s do it, we’ll fall in love.” And do you know Tony does all the girls weak in the knees.

Subsequently, when the director suddenly asked what he did there, Tony replies coldly: “I heard they needed parts male. In the bottom section. And you know what? They do. They really do. ”

Tony, it seems, knows what to say and always gets what he wants when he says it.

Stan, not so much, even if the appointment orchestrated by Tony pays almost beside himself in a charming scene: What could have found preliminary Cadie Stan and bouncing on a trampoline with delight. But then Cadie, who took too many drugs, lots.

Such are the ups and downs of adolescence, “Skins” you said. But, as the maps, the show should not be confused with realism. Instead, it’s a good dream imagined where adults are secondary, where teenagers are more or less well supported. It’s every adolescent fantasy, where fun is on call and even pain is exhilarating. “Skins” is outrageous. But in his way, he is honest.


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Early in the second episode of MTV’s “Skins”, a guide-advisor conferences from adolescence to avoid the dangers faced by their class: “We are talking serious shenanigans by drugs, alcohol, saying bad things, illicit sex, tattoos, piercings. Below the waist area, “he lectures. “Tips really badly we want to avoid.”

Unfortunately for him – and parents who did not get the memo on shielding their children from controversial British import – Tea (Black D’Elia Sofia), care too-cool-for-lsbns school had already taken to do all of those – in the opening sequence. The brunette opened the show to swallow a pill, seizing a fake ID, kissing her father goodbye consciously disabled, go to a club and bring home a girl to have sex with (do not worry not PTC, the actress who plays the tea is 18).

With the tone set by well plate, the show is centered around two major problems of the group: Spread around the nerdy Stanley lost his virginity to mad Cadie and help avoid a drug dealer who he should and 900 for a drug deal gone bad on the last episode of the week. Money has become a shadow of a problem in the latest episode comes to help him have sex and implemented by the charismatic leader of the group, Tony.

But like the British version of the show, which sets each episode through the eyes of a different nature, the problems of the group are shunned by the drama of tea is to help his father-mob members, Tony and his awkwardness with his constant quest for equality.

Children tea and Tony, two soldiers apparently crowd, set up by their fathers, who have no idea they met – or that Tony is still trying to see her breasts (though dating Michelle). On their date – which is supposed to be bowling – they grab a bottle of vodka before going to the playground and drunk discuss their lives – the largest of their intrinsic superiority over their peers. Wasted and turn around, Tony said that tea was clearly trying to impress everyone.

“You really do not give a [expletive] you do?” Tony asked.

The two then go inside the house, where they begin to do – which ends when the tea starts laughing at the awkwardness of it all. Although the way they party before something important happens, the sexual tension continues throughout the episode, including Michelle Tea quiz when his mysterious date at noon the next day.

With this drama arise, the rest of the squad drama fades.

Fortunately for Stanley, the drug dealer makes a fatal mistake when he threatens to tea at her house to go to Stanley – and is down by his father, tough guy, who takes care of him later with his friend’s crowd. Like everything else in the episode, it’s not even as bad as it sounds for him. “Maybe he just gets a scare,” hints tea father, although his friends want to throw it into the lake.

Cadie, for its part, Stanley kisses to everyone, responding to rumors that they have, indeed, it does (even if they do not).

For tea, when the episode ends, it is still left with the problem it says at the beginning of the episode, when the middle school, takes a shot on a mini-bottle and said what could summarize the plot of many of the characters’ lives “. Life sucks, we had sex, she told the girl she brought the club in the beginning of the show.” I’m not really interested in something else. ”


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