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Socialism, Current Republican primary election has become a combat zone between supporters of the party tea, a self-proclaimed insurgent uprising, and the traditional leaders of the GOP (Grand Old Party “- a nickname for the Republican Party). In several Senates, the House and as governor [Governor] primary nationwide Tea Party candidates have disrupted the recovery of GOP leadership.

Their anti-establishment rhetoric drew anger in conservative and has received the support of revolt against the entrenched Washington insiders. Some of these politicians’ shamelessly highlighted ultra-conservative extremists, and in some cases, racist and anti-immigrant.

In Kentucky, Tea Partier Paul Rand, the son of prominent “libertarian” Republican Congressman Ron Paul said he believed that the Civil Rights Act 1964 was “too far” of government power.

Fox News Glenn Beck, a promoter said the Tea Party, held August 28 “Restoring honor” rally in Washington DC, has called on the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. famous “I Have a Dream” speech 47 years ago. It was an insult to black people and everyone in the United States who cares about civil rights.

But the success of the Tea Party really says there is a massive shift to the right in the U.S.? This is unsupported by the evidence. Based on its October 3 election, the Washington Post concluded: “While Republicans and many Democrats have tried to demonize Washington, the most important government programs remain extremely popular.”

The poll showed that majorities want the government involved in schools and to help reduce poverty. In fact, he found that support the government on many issues remains “high, in some cases where a decade ago.”

Maybe a small part of the population has shifted to the right, but the vast majority wants nothing to do with the line Tea Party. In fact, a recent Gallup poll revealed that nearly 30% of people in the United States saw socialism as more favorable than capitalism, and among 18-30 year olds, this figure rose to 43%.

But if the crowd Tea Party, in reality, only a very limited section of society being composed mainly of old white men, why are they getting all the titles? The truth is that, under the veil of dissent and anti-establishment rage are powerful corporations and the Republican leaders, namely the forces of the very “establishment” that this “movement” is supposed to have in his crosshairs.

In fall 2008, 787 000 000 000 unprecedented bank rescue caused an explosion of anger among broad segments of the population, left and right.

One month after Obama was in power, Rick Santelli of CNBC [cable and satellite TV news channel] called “tea party” to protest against the expenditure program of Obama. But it was not opposed to hundreds of billions going to Wall Street and big banks whose reckless behavior played a decisive role in the worst economic crisis since the 1930s.

The real objective was, and 75 billion program to prevent foreclosures. Why? Well, because taxpayer money should not be used to pay “someone else’s mortgage.

The underlying theme was that CNBC would go to those most affected by the subprime crisis, which were disproportionately families of the black working class. This way, authentic rage that existed against Wall Street and big banks, was captured by the mainstream media, and redirected to the sections of the working class and middle class Americans.

Most events have since Tea Party was sponsored by the “FreedomWorks” organization, chaired by Dick Armey, former Majority Leader of the House of Representatives for the Republican Party. Other prominent members include billionaire Steve Forbes and Matt Kibbe, a former Republican National Committee senior economist.

Another organization behind the scenes at the Tea Party is “Americans for Prosperity”, which is funded by billionaire David Koch of Koch Industries, which, among other deals in the business and financial services. And of course we cannot forget those “fair and balanced” Fox News people.

The interest of large companies in all this was mostly to block any reform of the Obama administration, the most important health care and financial regulation. They exploited the populist anger; it turns into a ram directed against the interests of the working class and middle class who suffered most from this crisis.

Naturally, many people are deeply troubled by the prospect of Tea Party is right in the office. The common argument that flows from this is that we must vote Democrat to keep them, even if the Democrats as the candidate Andrew Cuomo of New York have openly pledged to reduce spending and attack workers’ living standards.

Although this line of thought seems to make sense, it will actually make us absolutely nowhere. The fundamental problem is that pro-democratic corporate are also responsible for creating this crisis as a Republican pro-business policies.

While Democrats are certainly not even come to the dustbin straight spit from the mouth of some of these politicians Tea Party, they showed no ability to challenge the reality program right in any real way, or in fact resolve economic problems such as mass unemployment and cuts in services.

When the debate on health care erupted last fall with the fury of tea whipped to a frenzy – and supported, not surprisingly, by Medicare and major drug manufacturers – the Democrats just spilled, dropped the “public option” and made numerous concessions to the right. Bill of financial regulation that was passed by Obama and the Democrats has been defanged the point where even Wall Street has supported!

Popular anger is the basis of this social campaign of obstruction of enterprises supported by the right is driven by deep economic and social crisis. For almost two years now the Democrats were in power in the White House, had the majority in the House and the majority anti-obstruction in the Senate, and they have virtually nothing to reverse the crisis.

The Democrats cannot expose the social support of the Tea Party, because they receive the same fund company. They cannot attack the right to seek to reduce the deficit by cutting social programs because that is precisely what the Democrats are already!

The level of state administrations, both Republicans and Democrats have been slashing billions of state spending while the new budget bipartisan commission set up by Obama has his eyes on the reduction of social security after the elections midterm.

Thanks Fox news and other corporate donors, the Tea Party was a massive publicity. If a force is very different, his message of blaming immigrants for the economic crisis and its thinly veiled racism is a warning to young workers and the potential threat of the right wing.

As scary as the Group of tea is the real threat now to people who work from “Corporate America” and its two parts. To cut through what we need our own independent political voice. We need to put the blame where it should lie on Wall Street, big business and failing system of capitalism. Wall Street has two parts; we need one of our own.

When workers’ organizations such as unions remain committed to the Democrats, they become unable to challenge the agenda of the business. On October 2 the unions for the first time in decades, mobilized for a protest in Washington. But despite the demands of employment and education, the message of the official leadership was once again to “vote Democrat.”

We must begin to develop the independent policy of the working class and fight. The right has found an outlet for his anger and is operated by large companies for its own purposes. The vast majority of working people are completely fed up with mass unemployment and foreclosures. Young people are facing cuts in education and a future of wars and environmental degradation.

If a real advance is given, the enormous anger against the rich and Wall Street could also be harnessed to build a massive response in the obvious interest of the working class. It is time to launch campaigns, coalitions, and independent candidates, a first step towards a mass party of workers in a program to challenge the dictatorship of big business.

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