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January 10, 2011 by USA Post 

Social Security Office Locations, Families should now be able to obtain death certificates necessary to collect on life insurance policies and pensions and funeral arrangements are completed faster with the new electronic system that Indiana makes it easier for local officials to supplement the death records.

However, doctors, funeral directors and coroners could face criminal charges and a fine and 1000 for failure to complete the information in the system registry Indiana death in due course. Law to use the system mandates them.

“I understand the need to do,” said Dr. Donald Brake, a family physician in private practice affiliated with St. Mary’s Medical Center. He said that the new system would improve efficiency and transparency in the records of death. However, the brake is concerned about the penalty for noncompliance.

“I think it’s a little ridiculous,” said Brake.

On 8 December, he requested a personal identification number to access the registry on the Web and received confirmation e-mail that their information had been received. Nearly a month later, the brake had not yet received the pin.

“I suppose it will be a grace period, or at least I hope there will be,” said Brake. He finally gained access to the system last week after calling the health department of the State.

January 1 was the deadline for death records in Indiana to be filed in the registry using the Web, ending a decades-old practice of mixing records between hospitals, funeral homes, health services County and in some cases, the county coroner office before the information was filed with the state.

State Registrar Erin Kellam said the old process was cumbersome, time consuming and often a bit of detective work. In most cases, when a person died the funeral director has obtained a burial permit transfer and began the death certificate of the paper, which required information from the attending physician on the cause of death.

“The funeral director would take that piece of paper and find the doctor,” Kellam said. “There’s a bit of a detective game to try to find the doctor because obviously they are busy people who are moving.”

Kellam said that sometimes the funeral director might have to wait at the doctor’s office until the doctor had time between visiting patients to complete its share of paperwork. Or the funeral director may have to track down the doctor in a hospital.

“Many hospitals have hospital now moving from place to place, trying to connect with this particular doctor and get them to sign the paper is heavy,” she said.

The funeral director would then take the paperwork to the county offices where the county health officer completes its part of the document. The information was then forwarded to the Ministry of Health State of Indiana and the Social Security Administration. The whole process took about 21 days.

“When someone passes, their identity is ripe for theft,” said Kellam.

The electronic system still requires the funeral director to obtain a transfer of burial permit, but the rest of the process is completed online.

This process “takes while social security number of the system and it becomes attached to a deceased person,” said Kellam. “It really helps protect the identity of that person in a matter of a day or two, rather than in a week or two.”

Electronic registration is also easier to read than writing on paper forms, making information more accurate and complete. Kellam said that the desire to help state health officials are better able to monitor disease trends and if possible preventive measures are working to reduce disease.

Vanderburgh County Health Officer Dr. Ray Nicholson said the new system will lead physicians to “think a little better on the sequence of events” leading to the cause of death from death certificates electronically requires specific information on the electronic record deaths before the document can be submitted.

Nicholson has completed three electronic death records online since November.

“The first was in agony because the funeral home has not added to their work (online), and I was really frustrated,” said Nicholson.

Since then, he says, most funeral directors have registered and use the system.

“When I got to the next I was absolutely amazed just how easy it was,” said Nicholson. He has not received complaints from doctors on the register after having used a few times.

The system had about 8,500 registered users by the end of last week. State of Indiana spokesman for the Department of Health said Jennifer Dunlap more doctors were registering every day.

The death registration system, designed to modernize the death records from Indiana, was created by legislation passed by the General Assembly of Indiana in 2009. The state has received about 600,000 in federal dollars and added a similar amount of money to develop the system and pay for startup costs.

The law creating the registry allows parties involved in the process of five days to complete their tasks or risk a charge of Class B misdemeanor and fined up to $ 1,000.

The Indiana State Medical Association supports the new system of death registry, but Mike Rinebold, director of government relations ISMA, said the association opposes the potential penalty. The Medical Association adopted a resolution at its congress in the fall to support a change in the penalty from a misdemeanor punishable by a possible license violation.

“We felt having a criminal aspect to it for a professional was a bit harsh,” said Rinebold.

Rinebold said that the association would also work with the Ministry of Health to state that physicians receive more than one notice of a death during the five-day window they have to fulfill their part of folder.

Kellam health officials said the state had asked for time to run, but not a criminal penalty for violations. She said, however, the section of code that the Indiana General Assembly to make the law makes it a criminal penalty.

We tried to change things at the last legislative session, and we’ll work to get this changed again this legislative session, “said Kellam.


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