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Snooty FoxSnooty Fox, Melissa Van Houten had to try was a remote possibility. But when he learned in May that the celebrity chef Robert Irvine be in Indianapolis to film an episode of Food Network’s “Restaurant: Impossible,” the Southside resident had her daughter an idea of?? The TV chef.

Seven-year-old Lilly “is a big fan,” said Van Houten. “I know it’s weird. He yells at people, and I think it is very imposing figure, but she really likes.”

It was worth it. The Van Houten was presented at the Snooty Fox restaurant on May 11 and talked his way into the meeting in Irvine, who pulled up a chair to chat with Lilly and invited to the grand reopening on May 12.

“When you walk through these doors,” said owner Tim Irvine Queisser Snooty Fox and his wife, Cathy, that night, “I think we will lose our heads.”

The culinary drama promises to unfold tonight Lilly, Queissers Food Network and other fans when the episode premieres at 10 on the Food Network.

The Snooty Fox will host a visit of charity party tonight at 8:30. Tickets available at the restaurant and online at second, are 30 and will benefit local food rescue organization Portions of a second.

While local restaurants and their signature dishes have recently appeared on shows like “Diners, Drive-ins and Diving” and “The Man from Food” tonight’s episode of “Restaurant: Impossible” focuses exclusively on Snooty Fox – and promises to be an episode full of drama. According to the summary available at, Irvine was forced to close the kitchen, and then you should hire a new chef.

What really happened?

According to “Restaurant: Impossible” associate producer Erin Hilgedick, restaurant owners who are on the agenda cannot discuss details until after an episode airs.

However, he acknowledged Tuesday that Queisser waiting to see the program has been “a kind of concern. You do not want to look like a puppet.”

No wonder that “Restaurant: Impossible” makeovers create lots of conflicts.

Irvine and his team have only two days and a budget of 10,000 and to renew restaurants featured in the show.

The Snooty Fox, which opened in 1983 and received little in the way of decor changes, has a makeover from floor to ceiling.

In fact, Van Houten said that when he visited the restaurant the day before the reopening, which was drained completely.

“It was a disaster,” he said. “Everything was completely broken down outside the restaurant.”

On the following night, the restaurant “impossible” the crew was busy putting the place back together – and running significantly behind schedule.

Customers with reservations for the reopening expected, some for hours, while workers reupholstered booths in the restaurant and has tables and chairs. Van Houten Lilly sat patiently outside, with a handmade gift he had brought for Irvine.

The Queissers had to wait too, banished from the restaurant until renovations were complete.

They mingled with guests in the parking lot and pulled out boxes of cold beer as the waiting time is extended later and later. Some diners with reservations 6 pm were seated until after 8 pm others simply leave.

As the workers involved in reconstruction, Lilly was allowed inside to deliver these Irvine. She saw the premiere on television screens in a production room floor, where he shared the pizza crew to go.

The makeover of 48 hours was a stressful process; Queisser said Irvine waiting to take him and his wife, with eyes closed, in the restaurant.

“I have not slept an hour,” he said, noting that Irvine had given an extensive list of foods to the menu completely renovated. “The cooks were here until 2 am”

Will the new menu, new decor and a new environment to attract new customers beyond the reopening night?

So far it has received mixed reviews.

Midge Peschau former client – who ordered fish and chips at the reopening of the night and enjoyed them – not impressed overall with the menu of Irvine, a small selection of traditional English pub food. (Along with the original menu of the restaurant, the dishes will be available in Irvine on Thursday at the Snooty Fox, and on a limited basis since then.)

“It was a fun menu,” he said, “but not as a regular diet.”

Peschau also misses some of the original decor of Snooty Fox, including a stuffed fox that remained outside, discarded, while workers in the furniture has been updated.

“I think the interior looks good, especially the bar,” said Peschau, which will be tonight at Snooty Fox watching the episode. “I miss the little foxes. They were a bit disheveled and distraught, but such was part of the charm.”

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