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May 12, 2011 by staff 

Smokers & Social NetworkingSmokers & Social Networking, Smoking is often a social activity, as evidenced by the packs of smokers outside office buildings and bars smoke-free. Now a new e-cigarettes goal of bringing more smokers among themselves.
Cigarette in public is difficult and only goes these days, tied with looks of contempt and sarcastic cough as passersby to share their feelings. Now, an electronic cigarette maker plans to add sensors on cigarette packages so that users can know when other electronic cigarette smokers are close – and band together for support, if nothing else. NTQuMTYyLjMuMTU=

Despite the fact that electronic cigarettes do not emit smoke, only to see someone “smoke” can result in the immediate hostility of the witnesses of the “smoke.” (E-nicotine cigarettes, but smoke does not emit water vapor, which is supposed to give the smoker the same satisfaction as smoking and watching … beats).

Blu, a leader responsible for e-cigarette packets created fumes that have sensors that allow other users of Blu know they are nearby. In this way, can gather to smoke, if you want, and chat, mostly about the public see they’re getting.

“Think of it as social smoking was social networks,” said The New York Times in a story on the new sensor:

“You will meet more people than ever, just for the surprise factor,” said Jason Healy, the founder of the Blu, which does not seem to be making friends like the smell of vapor exhaled by an e-cigarette in a cafe in Midtown Manhattan recently. “It’s like any new technology.”

The new “smart packages” which will be available next month, will cost five to 80 electronic cigarettes, and come with “devices that emit and the search for radio signals from other packages. When they reach 50 feet one another, the packets of vibration and a flash of blue light. ”

Blu-smokers can even exchange contact information on social networking sites “that can be downloaded on personal computers, and the packages will also vibrate when a smoker is near a store that sells cigs Blu, the Times said.

Last month, the Food and Drug Administration, said plans to regulate cigarettes and snuff products rather than as devices that deliver drugs (the latter face much tougher regulations.)

With an estimated 46 million Americans still smoking; the Blue could be onto something. But if just the sight of a cigarette irritates so many so fast, most smokers choose to keep themselves out of public view and not look to the network in this way.

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