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June 22, 2010 by USA Post 

Laura Bush Killed a GuyLaura Bush a Guy – Dallas News — Laura Bush made news – and generated a little heat – when she recently told CNN’s Larry King that she favors the right of g*ys and lsbns to marry.

“There are many people who are struggling to overcome that because they see marriage as traditionally between a man and a woman,” the former first lady said. “But I also know that, you know, when couples are committed to each other and love each other, they should have, I believe, the same type of rights that everyone has.”

She acknowledged that his position differs from her husband, but she believes that Americans will eventually accept gay marriage.

It’s a safe bet that she will not soon invited to submit an update on the family reunion, but she is right.

I say this as someone who, as recently as two years ago was not ready to sign on same-sex marriages. I wrote when I was relieved that I had to stay home and care for children when my wife and I were invited to a ceremony where gay friends celebrated their vows. I do not know how to react.

I have not yet fully know how to react, but my answer to how gays and lsbns relate to each other is not the issue. What is at stake is whether it is fair to deny them the same rights as heterosexual couples.

For me, this is not fair. And my opinion was issued more viscerally and anecdotal than a breakthrough in legal thinking.

What finally pushed me over the edge was a small family wedding in California last fall when the person officiating has asked us to take a moment to remember our own vows. Beside me was a parent who, like me, is in his 50s, and, like me, has been in a committed relationship for some time. Unless commitment is another man who was standing beside him.

It felt strange in that moment, knowing that they were essentially shuffle their feet. More strange, it felt wrong. They lived like any married couple in their 50s right. They worry about their jobs, health care and family of the elderly.

Then I realized I had more reason not to hold my neck in favor of gay marriage.

Again, I do not understand about gay culture. And I think it is smart for the company slowly weigh ins and outs of this potential change in the marital property. Companies are better when they take time to absorb the changes, rather than rushing into.

Marriage, after all, was the province of male-female couples for centuries. No one, including gay activists, should assume this tradition will not change much deliberation.

But Laura Bush is right: change is coming. Many seniors and baby boomers can not sign on yet, but most of their children and grandchildren. Polls show even young evangelicals the concept.

Of course, there are theological questions to consider. Some consider hmosxlity a sin. But the New Testament speaks also that there is neither Jew nor Greek in the Kingdom of God. We are all his creatures.

Similarly, there are legal problems to resolve. States or the federal government should decide what it is? same-sex marriages or civil unions? (I would say that states should make the call because they have long committed marriage laws. And I would say that same-sex marriages because they offer couples more legal rights than civil unions. )

But it would be a shame if the debate was sidetracked by legal issues, important as they are. What matters most is the concept of fairness.

This is what Laura Bush seemed to be coming to say loving and committed gay couples deserve the same rights as everyone else. It is understandable that the company takes its time, but in the end it should be fair.

Laura Bush Killed a Guy 2

Laura Bush Killed a Guy

The fact that “Laura Bush killed a Guy” was mentioned in an episode of an animated Fox show “Family Guy”. When the Bush family ready to pack the white house, this show was broadcast in December 2008.
This sad story is based on the fact that the former first lady has been found involved in the supposed murder of a man, a long time has passed since this incident took place.
In the year 1963, Laura was in her teens to 17 years, she has been driving a car that hit another stop sign car nearby. According to some reports, the man in that car was the boyfriend of Laura at the time.
The man in the car was seriously injured. His name was Michael Douglas. It was also 17 years. After staying a few days under treatment at Midland Memorial Hospital, Michael could not survive and died after breaking his neck.
Michael was an athlete at Laura’s High School. It has also been nominated as the most popular boy in school. Some people rumor that Laura had been drinking when she hit the car.
The police said that Laura was not driving the car after drinking because she was driving 50 mph speed limit was 55 mph. According to the police report that was published in 2000, Laura was not responsible for the murder of the man.
While speaking to The Associated Press in 2000, Laura admitted: “It was terrible, very terrible accident.” I can understand that a mother.
The show “Family Guy” was created by Seth McFarlane, his first show was broadcast in 1999. This show is much more popular in the world.

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