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What is slydial?
Slydial is a voice messaging service provided by Mobilesphere that directly connects a user to someone’s mobile voicemail.

Who should use slydial?
Whoever is short on time and wants to leave a voice messsage for someone who has a cell phone with a voicemail box activated.

I can use slydial through smarthphones?
Right now slydial has Apps for iPhone, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile. It works to any U.S. cell phone number just like the slydial service.

I have a voicemail box with my cell phone, why should I bother to use slydial?
Some cell phone carriers enable you to reply to or send voicemails within their system, but there are some limitations.  For instance, voicemails may only be sent to users with the same carrier, or users at certain locations. Slydial allows you leave voicemails in voicemail boxes of any U.S. cell phone users.

Would the recipient get a signal indicating he or she has received a voicemail?
The recipient will see a new voicemail alert a minute or so after you send your voicemail. Their cell phones will not ring although your phone may ring.

Do I have to sign up for slydial to use the service?
You do not have to sign up to use the service.  You simply slydial 267-sly-dial or 267-759-3425.  But those who want to use advanced features like slydial apps for iphones, backberry and windows mobile smarthphones or want rapid connection to voicemail boxes with no advertising need to join Myslydial Premium which costs $2.95 per month.

Is slydial really free to use?
Yes.  BUt there will be some in-call advertising. Also when you dial the 267 phone number, your carrier may also charge a fee based on the airtime you use.

How does slydial make money?
Slydial makes money through in-call advertising and premium service.

How can I avoid the in-call advertising?
If you want to avoid in-call advertising, you will need to buy Myslydial Premium. The program costs you $2.95 per month or $29.95 per year or $0.10 per call.

Can I send voicemails through landline phones?
Slydial works from any phone.

Can I send a voicemail to a landline phone voicemail box?
You can’t.  You can only send voicemails to U.S. cell phone voicemail boxes.

Does slydial work to all U.S. mobile phones?
No.  Some restrictions apply.  You can’t slydial to someone who has a prepaid cell phone, or doesn’t have a voicemail box, or his voicemail box is full or he has a third party voicemail service like google voice, youmail.

Does my caller id affect my use of slydial?
You need to disable your caller id before you place a call to leave a voice message. To do so, try dialing *82 before you dial 267-slydial.

Does slydial work with international cell phone numbers?
No. You can’t send a voice-mail to an international cell phone user.

Is there any time limit for my voice message?
Yes, the limit is 90 seconds for the basic free service. But when you upgrade to Myslydial Premium, there is no time limit.

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