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October 19, 2011 by staff 

Siri Personal AssistantSiri Personal Assistant, Siri can help Apple to do things? Siri is the voice intelligent interaction system integrated into the new Apple iPhone 4S. It is still in beta at this time, location-aware functions restricted to the U.S., but offers a tantalizing glimpse of what lies ahead.

On Monday, I looked at the Siri like curiosities, a role that is managed well through a combination of excellent voice recognition and tight integration with Wolfram Alpha. Today I want to finish with a look at the Siri personal assistant and how you can interact with the personal information stored on the iPhone.

Before going further, you must turn to the configuration of Siri and tell your contacts what you are. Siri now sometimes refer to you by your name, something that could be cute or just annoying, depending on the amount of time spent fighting with Syria to explain things. You may also have a little fun by grabbing a friend 4S, creating a new contact called “idiot” (or worse) and the establishment of the contact as owner of the phone.

Speaking of insults, Siri is pretty prude when it comes to coarse language (if you’re the same, you should skip the next paragraph). It seems to willfully mishear “p * ss” and “peace”, “f * ck” and “suck” and “sh * t” and “shoot”, even when you are dictating an email with Siri. It’s just playing shy, because if you p * ssed says “,” f * cker “or” sh * thead “you know exactly what you said. If omitted Siri and dictate directly into an application, such as notes, then happily recognizes most of. the inauguration of George Carlin’s infamous seven words, seems to be able to convince Syria in recognition of all but one. constantly hears bad “I can not”, although that could only be my pronunciation.

For some, the virtual personal assistant, the most exciting Siri, though I’m not yet conquered. It is probably the area where the most potential for misunderstandings and mistakes, which means it is the area where it is probably often easier to simply do it yourself. There is also the fact that friendly touch screen interface IOS5 and that makes it so easy to perform many tasks. If you want to call someone, check the weather today or see today’s appointments, it is faster to take advantage of a button on the screen or two instead of talking about Siri.

Siri, of course, could still be useful if you’re behind the wheel, although they still have to keep pressing the start button to activate it. I wonder if the end will be activated Siri audio signals such as speaking in their name or snapping his fingers.

For tasks that take more time to carry out a few touches of a button, it becomes more practical use of Siri. For example, if you are making your next appointment to see your doctor you can say, “Make an appointment to see the doctor on Thursday at four in Richmond.” You’ll look like a bit of an idiot if you’re still standing in front of the receptionist, but it is faster to write it in

Once Siri has interpreted your request, then the unique details and asked to confirm or cancel. If you say anything besides “cancel” or “confirm”, Siri asks if you want to change the time, the title, the audience or venue. At this point it begins to seem like more trouble than it’s worth, especially if the receptionist was laughing at you. Siri also can fight when there is a lot of background noise, which is a problem if you are in public or even at home with children.

If Siri tends to make things right the first time may find it useful in some situations. The more complicated you make your application, chances are you’ll need to edit. Does not look like you can specify an early warning time, about an hour before, which is disappointing.

Siri tight integration with your personal information and other services makes it incredibly powerful. For starters, you can throw questions at him like;

What am I doing today?
What is the weather today?
What time is sunset?

You can go further and look at your calendar, contacts and email, although you will have to decide case by case whether it is just easier to navigate through the menus. Siri is the practicality of that is not fussy about the sentence structure so that you can only talk to him naturally, rather than give specific orders.

Some examples of the basic tasks are Siri can handle;

Search emails from David Smith
Find appointment with David Smith
Search David Smith (shows your contact information)

You can go further and create elements as well, for example;

Wake at 10 am
Create an appointment with David Smith
Create reminder – the visit of David Smith
Please note – David Smith owes me ten U.S. dollars
Call David Smith
Send a message to David Smith
Send an email to David Smith

You can use more complicated commands, but increases the changes of something going wrong. For example, “Make an appointment to see the doctor on Thursday at four Richmond” sometimes confuses Siri. You can set the description of the event as “date” and the location as “Doctor”. It takes a little time to get an idea of ??what produces the best results. Referring to himself in the request for “Make an appointment for me to see the doctor …” seems to increase the chances that things go wrong.

If you try a complicated command, Siri asked for additional details if necessary. For example, if you say “send an email to David” asked to specify that David and that of your email addresses. Then you can teach a subject followed by a body, after which you are given the opportunity to confirm or cancel.

You’ll only want to use Siri for sending short messages, because if you pause for too long to consider it’s over. There is no option to change what you’ve done, you have to start dictating the body again from scratch. I’ve noticed that do not offer the option to confirm a note or an alarm. Fortunately, each time you create an element that can play in the Pop-up to open the application and modify it.

Creating reminders is very interesting because you can schedule for specific times, or for location-based events – such as “when I leave home” or “when it comes to David Smith.” Android has had this functionality for a courtesy, while third-party applications and could be really useful on the iPhone. I prefer to keep my To Dos as a text list instead of a specific software, so I’m not willing to use reminders, but reminders based on location could still be useful – for example “Create talking reminder that ten U.S. dollars when I go to the house of David Smith. ” Remember that location as Siri services disabled by default so you have to dip into the menus and turn it on.

You can also delete some items with Siri, such as alarms and appointments, but not in others, such as notes and reminders. It is clear that access to the rest of Siri phone has been deliberately limited and will be interesting to see how this changes over time.

The more you play with Syria, but to find additional things you can do (ask, “What I can say?” And it gives you a list of examples). Saying, “Play BB King” or “Rock Play” the phone will start playing the songs of that song or genre that you can find in your music library, and even later accepts commands like “pause” and “curriculum vitae”. You can also dictate text on a wide range of applications, the microphone icon has been added to the virtual keyboard.

All this sounds good in theory, but sometimes seems more trouble Siri worth. Explore your personal information to the context, which can sometimes work against you as it has the habit of assuming that one of your search term is a reference to someone on your list of contacts. The biggest names on your list of contacts, Siri is likely to hear a complicated request, start a word like “black” and jump to the conclusion that you “call Jack.”

You may also have problems if you have contacts with similar names such as Daniel Smith and Wesson Danielle. Siri may be confused and think that you are looking for Danielle Smith, who seems silly – if you say is true then surely Danielle is safe to assume you want Danielle Wesson given the name Danielle Smith is not in your address book. Sometimes, Siri asked to clarify a list of names, “Did you mean Danielle Daniel Smith and Wesson,” to hear evil and take another name of your contacts that was not even on that list – playing Paul Smith, without giving opportunity to confirm. Siri can be very stubborn at times when it comes to names and you could end up short or rename some of your friends in your contacts, such as Dan and Daniel, just to make life easier.

There is no argument that Siri is an amazing technological marvel, but I think it would have to be sharp and persistent stick with it for the management of personal information. Especially if it comes to talking with the phone in public when it might be more convenient than writing alone. How to find Siri appeal will depend on the amount of time your correction, such as personal information management is the place where they have less tolerance for mistakes. Of course all this sounds cool and futuristic, but it comes down to whether there are more of a help or a hindrance.

Siri is certainly impressive, but do not think I would like to upgrade to the 4S only for this new role – especially in what is still in beta, and the functionality is limited outside the U.S.. iPhone 4 owners will probably be out of contract when the iPhone 5 is coming, at which Siri should be more mature and it is expected that Australians have access to the location of the devices.

Siri also can be the future of computing, but some of the early reviews have been a bit warm – heavy on rhetoric and light on details. I think that Siri is a technology dream for most people. Not everyone in a hurry to get chatty with your phone.

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