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November 11, 2009 by USA Post 

Shay Biggest Loser,Shay Biggest Loser Weight:Tonight’s episode of NBC’s The Biggest Loser, Second Chance, opens with our contestants talking about how far they have come and how they must all put on their best game from here on.  Then they join  Alison who announces that this week two players will be eliminated.  She explains that this week there will be not only a yellow line, but also a red line… the person below the red line will go home – no vote, just gone.

The Pop Challenge
Alison announces that the winner of this week’s Pop Challenge will win a one pound advantage.  There are boards with their colors and have 50 tennis balls.  They will have to jump up, get the ball and put it in a container.  Shay worries that she is screwed because she is so much heavier than all the others.  Liz and Amanda will have to sit this one out due to, you guessed it… medical reasons.  They are off, Allen takes an early lead.  Rudy is right behind him, followed by Daniel.   After five minutes, it gets harder because they must take a running jump to get to the top row.  Allen maintains his lead followed by Daniel, Rudy and Rebecca.  Allen and Rebecca are down to four balls, Rudy has six.  Allen jumps, misses, jumps again as Rebecca arrives for her last ball.  Allen gets it on the second jump and wins the challenge.

After the challenge, Amanda and Rebecca take a quick walk and talk about how it’s down to old against young.  They group themselves as young with Daniel andShay.  We are then treated to Danny talking about how the red line is now the cliff.  Liz is having problems with her knee and feels she will be easily picked off.  Danny is on her butt telling her she can not fall below that red line. click here

Shay-logo-300x225Bob and Jillian arrive in the house at lunch time and Jillian notes that Tracey is gone.  Allen tells them that there will be two lines this week, a red and a yellow one… and how the person below the red line will instantly go home.   Bob and Jillian are shocked and invite them for a workout in the gym.  But first, they take a minute away from the contestants to talk aboutShay.  Jillian is worried that Shay needs to stay at the ranch and Bob agrees, but feels they all deserve to be there.  They agree that they will work with her to give her every possible chance to stay.

Off to the gym and everyone gets a turn on the treadmill.  Danny complains of pain in his hip, Jillian puts him back on the treadmill to walk it out.  One mention of thered line and they push themselves even harder, to the point of exhaustion.  Danny again says he is not feeling well, but returns to work out.  He is close to collapse when Jillian tells him he has to quit.  She then turns her attention toShay.  She says she is in pain, Jillian reminds her of the red line, Shay pushes herself harder until she is crying.  Jillian is relentless.  She tells her no more tears, no drama, only focus.  Jillian wants to insure she doesn’t go below thered line so she will at least have a chance to fight to stay.

Allen, Danny, Rudy and Liz are talking strategy.  Allen realizes that he will now have to start to play the game, even though he has avoided it.  Liz says she will not go down without a fight.  Meanwhile back in the gym, Jillian has turned her attention to Rebecca, who says she needs to stop.  Jillian refuses to allow her to stop.  Rebecca refuses and says that it is too much and she can’t do anymore.  She says she is physically and mentally exhausted.  She tells Jillian this is not about life, this is about right now.  Jillian reminds her that this IS about life and it begins now.  Rebecca walks out of the gym.  She and Amanda talk in the bedroom.  She tells her that it is a fight just to get out of bed everday.  Amanda reminds her they only have to worry about being two of the people above the yellow line.  She assures Rebecca that shewill be there for her, every step of the

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