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Shania Twain SongsShania Twain Songs:I have nothing against Shania Twain, but why, oh why, are limited to the contestants this week? If the subject could have run the whole range of countries over the decades, would have been much better. I already had some songs chosen by my favorite contestants, but now – not run them. What? Is Lee going to have to sing “Man, I feel like a woman?” Only two girls left and most of the songs from Shania are written from the standpoint of women. Talk about a challenge.

Shania Twain My favorite is “nobody has to know” and “The Woman in Me.”

Currently I’m still torn between Lee and Crystal, and I can not decide who is my favorite. Maybe tonight I decide for me. I am leaning toward Lee, but the competition is still young. My least favorite is also difficult to decide, but the verdict for me is Michael.

Is that Simon sweater, or he got a cast on the hair on your chest?

Shania looks great tonight. Whatever your secret, I’d like to share.

And let the song starts -

1. Lee DeWyze – “Still the One”

This is nice little catchy pop ballad, but I’m not sure it’s a great song of Lee. I think he can take almost any song, but I wish I had other choices. What is doing this in accordance with this, but definitely not my favorite performance. Probably my least favorite.

I saw an online video last week Lee of some of its pre-karaoke days Idol, and they are fantastic. My favorite is their version of Simple Man “by Lynyrd Skynyrd. You can see here:

If I could sing that on the show. Of course, singing in front of a crowded bar after a few drinks is one thing – singing on a giant stage in front of millions is not so easy.

Randy loves the song a lot, and he thinks that Lee did the same. Ellen thought he did a great job, and she says he could not look more beautiful. Kara think your voice makes everything sound relevant, and he liked that he smiled. Simon thought it was “absolutely the perfect song” Shania song for him, but got some strange faces during the performance. My God – now Kara tells him he is cute. Is it ever cool?

My Rating: B +

2. Michael Lynch – “It Only Hurts When I’m Breathing”

I’m not familiar with this song, but it sure sounds like Big Mike would choose. Once again, his voice sounds good. But he’s just not my cup of tea and I feel like that sounds the same in every song. Apparently, Shania is happy with his performance.

Randy thought he did a great job and is actually in the area who he is. Ellen met with thought and Luther Vandross – and he was not at all humble about it. Kara Mike really feels connected to all the songs, and he put his mark on the song. Simon agrees with the comparison of Luther, but Mike feels that he still appears as someone in a musical, as the words. I totally agree – this is one of my reinforced with Mike. But this is all personal preference, and a lot of people really like.

My Rating: B-

3. Casey James – “No”

I do not know this song, either, but he’s doing a great job! I think yours is the best show of the evening so far, even with a couple of bum notes. Country is definitely her forte.

Randy said it was one of his best performances ever. Ellen agrees that she thinks is her best yet. Kara said he was vulnerable and raw and needs to continue tonight. I agree. Simon believes this is his best yet, also, and suggested that Casey Shania give a kiss to the functioning of the week.

My Grade: A +

4. Crystal Bowersox – “Nobody must know”

Hurra. . . I love this. I can not decide what I think of this action. I like the bluegrass feel of the agreement, but his record is a bit too high in this song for my taste. And for me, she seems uncomfortable – someone like cutesy smile and act when in fact it is in their nature. However, she is not doing a bad job at all.

I just want to say that I think Ryan comments on Shania white teeth were a dig at the Crystal. There has been a “battle” of sorts between these two in the last couple of weeks you can read here:

Crystal Bowersox says he never “intended to quit” in another hideous E! reality blurred + history

Randy likes the deal, but his performance is not her favorite. He likes to mix things from week to week. Ellen believes that this was not the best of her, but she loves in spite of glass. Kara agrees with “the boys” – she thinks that Crystal was credible, but it was not the best. Simon thought he was weak and something you expect to sing in a cafe when you do not want to hear. I felt no condemnation and thought the song was one to forget.

And – I would add that Cristal’s boyfriend is cute.

My Rating: B-

5. Aaron Kelly – “You’ve Got a Way”

I’ve always liked this song a lot. I think this is a more mature song that really can not do it. He sings much better than me. . . but I think it’s reached the end of his career here. Sounds good, but not great.

As Randy calls it country singer of the fair this year. I disagree, I think it’s Casey. Ellen is impressed by his maturity, and said it was difficult this week, as far as competition goes. Kara thinks he did well, and notes that changed one of the most “mature” lines of the song. Simon believes that Aaron has struggled in recent weeks, but he feels it was like a different artist this week. He thinks that Aaron was credible and sincere.

My Grade: C +

and now we have the wild card

Siobhan Will again be as good as it was originally? Or would continue its downward spiral in the rare?

6. Siobhan Magnus – “Any Man of Mine”

This song requires attitude to sing, no matter who you are. I wonder if Siobhan can give the right amount of attitude without being corny? Or if I’m going to sing in the style of Cinderella, as has been accustomed to in recent weeks?

Y – is not work. If this is your idea of the attitude is very wrong. No man is intimidated by this action. AND did you see the facial expression of Shania when she fell during the performance? It seemed he had just smelled something rotten.

This is definitely the worst performance of the night. She can go home.

Randy loved it! What? Ellen calls is fantastic! What? Kara said that Siobhan is back. What? Simon really likes the song – he thought it was perfect, but his cry at the end was a bit much.

Did you see the same performance? Or am I just crazy?

My Grade: D

My pick for bottom 3: Aaron, Siobhan, Michael (Crystal could be down there this week, but I hope not)

Who’s going home? Aaron

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