Shahzad Faisal

May 4, 2010 by Post Team 

Faisal ShahzadShahzad Faisal:A Shahzad Faisal Islamic terrorist named Time Square is the attacker according to reports from the media. He is Pakistani Muslim heritage with dual citizenship in America, a registered Democrat in the state of Connecticut, which can be a donor to Obama. He was recently naturalized U.S. citizen Forgiving open door policy of the Obama administration.

Shahzad Faisal identified by NBC News, or the provisions Shahzad Faisal U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is a U.S. citizen of Pakistani origin. He was arrested at JFK Airport in New York trying to flee the country back to Pakistan through a connecting flight to Dubai, United Arab Emirates India flight 202. He was taken off the plane sat on the track as soon as possible read his Miranda rights, and went silent.

Obama’s policy to treat enemy combatants as ordinary criminals has been widely criticized outside the liberal intelligentsia. At least her man, but lawyers free us, make sure taxpayers are giving very little intelligence gathered in this case.

The Obama Department of Justice has caused a furor in the circles of law as being too soft on t*rror*sm. The method of capture of this terrorist just increase the volume and control. The public wonders why the terrorists are being arrested for criminal prosecution rather than arrested and sent to Guantanamo for military tribunals. Despite the bad press generated by liberal university professors and their allies, terrorists held in Guantanamo was one of the good ideas from the Bush administration to the security interests of the U.S..

The war in slow motion by the protests of Islamic fundamentalists, not recognized by the U.S. political establishment, either through incompetence or to pacify the radical groups to vote for political expediency. Our leaders seem deaf and dumb about the threat to American interests and freedom.

Faisal Shahzad is a typical example, if the charges are true, one of many who have tried to spread terror among the population, by lighting shoe bombs, bombs underwear, or the blowing up of cars in crowded urban centers. The present administration seems largely indifferent to the menace.

Faisal Shahzad had apparently been placed in the no-fly list at the beginning of the day, so a game was against your passport when trying to board an international plane flight. This is a great victory for the Department of Homeland Security. We will leave the incompetence in preventing the attack to others toanlyze.

Products were easy in this case. A naive attempt was made to conceal the vehicle identification number on the Nissan Pathfinder bomb, right out of the door panel inside, but the number remained in the engine block. In addition, the purchase was made through Craigslist, which left an electronic trail.

This is clearly a development history that more information will be forthcoming. We’re still investigating to understand whether Shahzad Faisal was a donor to the Obama campaign. The Muslim community in the U.S. overwhelmingly supported the president’s 2008 election run. Stay tuned.

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