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February 15, 2011 by Post Team 

Serene Branson Video, Branson’s insistence that she is fine, the doctors who examined the sequence is now heavily distributed in the incident continue to express their concerns. CBS reporter, who seemed to have a mini stroke while Grammy’s Live on the camera, could have had a rare type of seizure. Sharon Branson symptoms look like the type of seizure that is caused by the “Brady Syndrome,” the doctors suggest to San Narciso College School of Medicine. According to the website Bennington Vale is a rare event in the entertainment industry.

Doctors believe there is a link between aphasia Branson (loss of speech) might be a little rare seizure evil industry specific entertainment. A similar incident happened with Miss Teen South Carolina Pageant in 2007. Caitlin Upton video became a sensation overnight “after butchering the answer to a direct question about the geography of the United States.”

“That’s what we call an event class neurological,” Dr. Keith Black, director of the Institute of Neurosurgery at Cedars-Sinai Hospital Medical Center, told NBC’s “Today” show. “She was obviously aware that she had trouble.”

According to Black, Branson episode was probably the result of a transient ischemic attack, essentially a “blocking blood flow to the brain,” or a “mini-crisis located in the area of language.”

The New York Post also spoke to the doctors who viewed the tape, and they said that the speech could cause truncated Branson of “aphasia, which affects the ability to articulate, and it could have been caused by a mini -stroke, a tumor or a circulatory problem. ”
The name of this type of seizure is “The Brady syndrome,” which is named after the popular 70 series, “The Brady Bunch.” The name came from an episode showing Cindy Brady freezing and has a zombie, like watching red light on top of the television camera.

Of course, it has acted and the scene was conducted as part of the show, but what happened in real life during the same period in the 70′s when a candidate for the child suffered the same type of seizure while filming a TV show.

Dr. Bertland Fremdfreund San Narciso College School of Medicine said that the seizure is triggered by the red light on top of the camera. It is important to note that this doctor did not see Serene Branson; he goes by the symptoms of the video and experience.

After Serene Branson spoke Gibberish live on CBS since the Grammy, a viral video of her driveway, with many citing drugs, alcohol, or a stroke is the cause.

Serene Branson has been checked at the hospital after the incident and the house has published.

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