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September 11, 2011 by staff 

September 11 TimelineSeptember 11 Timeline, “It feels like a movie” is both a repellent and suitable descriptor for the September 11, 2001, attacks. The apocalyptic scene was linked to a part of our consciousness that is not supposed to intersect with reality, which is safe in a world where the human appetite for destruction delivered without hesitation. The collision of two worlds rolling our cultural sphere, where in the last decade, we have accounted for it by superimposing reality into fiction.

Here enters our compendium of how ours and other cultures have responded to 09.11. This is intended as a snapshot, not a comprehensive look. But it is an interesting portion of the reaction of human-related forums, surprisingly long history of Bollywood film 11.09 deep into the Urban Dictionary.

The colors in the graph indicate the alert level in our country was in time, providing a sense of a nation guided by the voices of fear. There is no direct correlation between color and cultural events that we are aware. Thinking most would not even be able to remember exactly when we were at “high” or a warning of “high”, considering that the government did not provide enough information to give context. As you can see, the colors denoting “low” and “guarded” risk – green and blue – were never used during the course of the warning system, and have been in a perpetual state of “high” risk, since 2006. In April this year, often derided color alert system was scrapped for a more specific alert us to terrorist threats.

In the first quadrant, we have “revisions,” indicating that the film, television and music have been altered or completely torn, to be more aware of our history. These changes is to protect us from seeing what was too painful or distasteful for a country that simply did not find jokes funny pump more – a lesson of Chandler Bing, among others, soon discovers. Many came before 9 / 11, but there were similarities to attacks monsters, more miserable than it was top of The Coup album showing two members of the group blowing up the twin towers with a detonator. Most cultural revisions occurred immediately after September 11, when a greater cultural sensitivity was in effect. Unless you’re a fan of the TV series or a specific film listed here, probably unaware that their cultural reality had been manipulated by reality.

We initially planned to investigate how Hollywood reacted to 11.09. The more you read, however, the more we realized Hollywood more or less stayed away. Insurance was supposed to film events – Oliver Stone’s “World Trade Center,” highly publicized Paul Greengrass “United 93″ (actually a British film). But the cultural significance of Western production disappears along the body of the 9 / 11 films that came out of South Asia – India and Pakistan, or more generally of Bollywood. These films invest what Hollywood could have produced. Instead of the firefighter plagued by a constant cough thickening, wives denouncing Hindu Muslim husbands, and the U.S. prison guards to torture. A movie in our timeline, “Khuda Kay Liye” is not technically a Bollywood film, and the version that came out of Pakistan, “Lollywood” (and became the second highest grossing film ever Lollywood), but it worked mainly in two. Pakistan’s clerics reviled his anti-fundamentalist, while moderates in Pakistan and India welcomed. He broke the ban on film 43 years between the two countries. Now, for all exports to Bollywood Lollywood – where the post-”Khuda Kay Liye” renaissance still pales next to the machine of cinema in India – India show of Pakistan.

American language, however, seemed irrevocably changed. We have turned away the pain in verbal irony. Phrases like “too early” and “never forget” evolved from the campaign launched sloganesque refrains colloquially-off, or jokes aimed at the kind of sentimentality that defines the final months of 2001. However, ananlysis of the last 10 years in the Urban Dictionary – a site that is verbally cornered the market ironic distance – revealed his own brand of sentimentality. The second anniversary of 9 / 11 inspired a movement “9 / 11″ entry (which we put the words in the timeline according to their date of creation). The word “bomb” is a thorough Urban Dictionary on the exact date of our fore-warning system to red briefly with the news of a bomb plot, stomped out in London. And the last entry is “Osamnia” written by someone Osama died in the night to describe why sleep that night was impossible.

These words are most closely related with our latest “History” section. As in the context of warning, this section does not intend to superimpose the meaning of cultural events, but simply serves as a guide to the psyche of the nation in the important moments, from the unfathomable worrying “shock and awe “campaign for the wave of euphoria after the victory of Barack Obama. While the memories of the events of the past 10 years may have dulled over time, they are still markers that, unlike the culture can not be revised.

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