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February 3, 2010 by USA Post 

Seantrel Henderson | UssPost:When Seantrel sticks his head from a hole to recruit him, and said he saw the shadow Gopher?

It is very rare for the state of Minnesota to claim the nation’s # 1 prep football player. A player of his caliber in his own back yard is kind of fun and pleasure and add to the intrigue and mystery Henderson final destination college. Seems that there are 6 schools are still in the hunt. Ohio State, University of Southern California, University of Notre Dame, Florida and Miami and his hometown of the University of Minnesota. Every school in question had been “rumors” that there is silence or the current “school for the win.” So it was Michigan State and Iowa fans think they are in (or near) to the driver’s seat in the country to address a major attack.

* Ohio State, the favorite according to the rumors on the current Internet. Henderson Scouting ESPN also projects to Osu. This one appeal on the basis of what he sees several factors that is the issue more Seantrel. Still the state of Ohio in the Midwest, and the quality of the school academically, they are in the hunt for BCS games each year, it is talent in the NFL every year, and have a stable staff training is expected that there will be all over for the time ofHenderson there. It is logical and most would believe that they preferred.
* Notre Dame – is always listed Henderson supposed top 3. And Irish have cornered the market on the dirham distorted – Hall of the children and also a penalty shootout with the Friends of the current Irish wide receiver, Michael Floyd, who may or may not affect his decision. While no one expects Notre Dame (this week), it would be a surprise if this is where he lands. Also noteworthy, Tom Amos, and often accused of being an agent of Notre Dame, which send their children to sign with the Irish. This accusation may or may not be fair, but there isHenderson will announce his decision on the signing of Amos appears in the day.
* USC – Bill Kurelic I think USC has a slight advantage, but I think like anyone else. I was convinced throughout this process that the USC is the favorite, but that was before Carol left the house to win. Henderson now to establish a new relationship within a short period of time with Kiffin staff. Kiffin staff as may be in their interest to staff is a rock star. Given another month to attract him, and I think USC would put themselves back in the driver’s seat, but I’m not sure where they stand as of February 3, 2010.
* In Florida – nothing has been rumored here for a few weeks. But out of the race, but no one, “expects” and now at the University of Florida (this week). In fact, due to the absence of any news surrounding the state of Florida, it is believed that this will be hard Henderson school of choice. “No news is good news” theory is what Gator fans had hoped for.
* Miami – and Henderson had just returned from Miami, which was their final official visit. I am not convinced that their presence in schools and services based on a realistic ground, but nobody knows. “It’s certainly an advantage to Miami this is my last” saidHenderson. “I just want to see what is around the campus, and I see how you relate with the players and coaches.” Who will not take a free trip to Miami last January, during the week of Bowl.Henderson Pro could be the next Bryant McKinney, and we hope with the situation better.
* Minnesota – Committee for the actual rumors here, but the message boards, and sometimes on a poster for a friend who has known Henderson, his uncle, who told him that the likes of Henderson and Brewster wants to be a Gopher. In fact I think that Joe Mauer and his cousin and two of them from going to sign with the Gophers at the same time (Muir and left the civilian is not it?) And they are going to lead the Gophers to the Super Bowl (or something). Seriously though the Gophers have made a strong toHenderson pitch. One can make an argument for why you should stay here, but the reality is that it is very likely to go to a place where there will be a chance to play in a BCS bowl. Miami was the final official visit, but the Gophers are the last to spend some time it had hosted withHenderson trillion cubic feet in the Bank Stadium Sunday night.

There are a lot of speculation, Henderson Chamber of trust and the real intentions of silence. Henderson bigger, you may want to talk to Sean everyone who asks, but he did not Seantrel as referred to in the end. SeanHenderson questions the integrity of the readers of the Qur’an (and if he chooses to sign with the University of Southern California or Notre Dame), based on many of the comments in the past for training stability as a key factor.

There were a few local interviews in recent days, here are highlights one of the spouses.

Bob Sansavere interview – and this speaks a lot about what it is to be the father of # 1 recruit in the country, and has been influential in the decision Seantrel. There is more in the link, but this was some of the salient points.

Q: Is Seantrel made his decision about college, and it is only held off the announcement?

A: No, he did not make a decision. I can honestly say, 100 percent, but has not made a decision yet.

Q: Is Seantrel made his decision about college, and it is only held off the announcement?

A: No, he did not make a decision. I can honestly say, 100 percent, but has not made a decision yet.

Q: Is the University of Minnesota is still largely in the running?

He said: “We were just with the Gophers last (Sunday) night. We were in the court of the West trillion cubic feet to 11 pm, and there are a lot of people think we have left because of bad weather here. Seantrel is to take a decision on the basis of relations and satisfaction with players and coaches.

Q: So, will move with Seantrel if he leaves Minnesota?

The answer: Absolutely, 100 percent, if he chooses to do so (and attend another school from the state of Minnesota).

Q: There is a rumor that says that there is Snoop Dogg has told you that if Seantrel go to the south, and he will help you launch your rap career. Any truth to that?

A: Certainly not. I had never met Snoop. I never ever, to include anything at all what I am doing in my life has to do with Seantrel. I have never started talking about music in Seantrel in his life at all. My career, and music, and Seantrel career has not been discussed. Three schools, said: “You rap.” Brought from atthe University of Florida. This came up this weekend at the University of Miami. They said they heard “blah, and so on and so on.” I saw my mother in Ohio mailbox ‘(Web) site. I do not know where they came from. I’m not talking about interference from any other time in my life. No one is talking music and media. I have heard people say: “Oh, and there are large studios here.” Seantrel me how that makes me uncomfortable. I’m not interested in combining music with my colleagues Seantrel career. Was a difficult decision. I just do everything possible to do, Dad. I think people – because they are so concerned with (his decision) and there are a lot of emotions in Seantrel where he was going – they want to find the different variables of why he’d go here, or why you want to go there. If you do not choose the school, they can say, “Oh, it’s his father,” or “because it’s my mom and dad.” It’s his decision at 100,000 percent. We do not want to cloud his decision-making process.

GopherHole interview – and this is a more central Gopher. Once again, there is more in the link if you want to read more, click there.

GH: tell the coach he’s going to commit before announcing it publicly?
A: No, we will have to do it on television.

GH: How was your visit to the University of Minnesota in last night?
Answer: There is nothing wrong, we had a nice time. We spent some time with Coach Brewster and the rest of the trainers. We came back from Miami at 3:30 pm in the afternoon, I went there about 7pm. I specifically told them we want to come and meet with them on the last out of all the schools because that is the only correct way to achieve this. They were the first of all our visits, and we want them to be the last as well.

GH: I’ve heard they had been placed in a special evening of Seantrel, unless it entails?
A: Not anything special, and they just got us, and we saw Pro Bowl and playing video games. It was just good for everybody to be there, come by, they brought their wives and a couple of bringing their children until they made it real comfort.

GH: Do they make large pieces of Seantrel?
A: They had to break Seantrel in the Gophers’ uniform, and things of that nature. It was nice. They recruit and that’s what they are doing.

GH: they were not the first time Seantrel was able to meet the new Gopher offensive coordinator, Jeff Horton?
A: No, we met him on Saturday before the State of Michigan / Gophers game of basketball.

GH: What are your thoughts on him?
A: I’m fine.

GH: There was a lot of rumors about what happened in Iowa Seantrel with the show, and when they can not get rid of them?
U: Iowa to spend on themselves when they found out that it can not be our 5th official visit. I think that this is a poor choice on their part, but only makes it a little easier on us.

GH: although he went there for an unofficial visit?
U: and he went to twice, so I really do not get why the need for a “visit”. The only difference is basically that they have to pay us to stay in the hotel, otherwise, I think they are too concerned with how people will be displayed in the media, and perhaps what they read in the paper and on the sites. I think it was more than that, if they do not know that we will not take an official visit there, it does not pull a lot of weight. I do not know – I think that if what was taken Seantrel special attention to go there twice on its own, we will be able to see that it is dangerous to some extent.

The case for Minnesota – Gopher our blog, and we are fully convinced that Henderson will go to another place for his college football career, but I think we are in the process. Obviously, at the University of Minnesota is not on the competitive level to other schools on the basis of Henderson. We are in the mid-pack Big Ten team that has not accomplished anything significant in the contracts. Henderson case to stay in Minnesota is that it can be a catalyst for change that. It comes down to how serious (after all) and he said he wanted to know the legend. Minnesota is very atmosphere of regional and local athletes. Henderson was to stay here, and the Gophers to make the Rose Bowl (or even top 3 at the end of the Big Ten), it becomes a myth. Those of you reading who do not live here, and this is not an exaggeration. He would go down as the moment Gopher Great. He would go to the victory of career, and be able to move here and do what he wants in the business community.

Even before the snap to play at the college level and immediately become one of the most well-known names of three very busy in the local sports scene. Joe Mauer, Adrian Peterson and Seantrel Henderson will be able to say that the three biggest names in the Sports City. This is in fact only one angle, and a legitimate reason for a player of his caliber would be (or should) that the choice of Gopher. The moment Joe Mauer case if gopher. At USC, Ohio State or Notre Dame that he is still a great player, which will be vital to the success of their teams. But it is not only in the recruitment of 5 Stars in the list and not just a 5 – to recruit star in the recruitment of this category of 2010.

This point was just solidified for me this morning. I get in my car ready to pass a long distance through the ice. Loko station play when you start the car. What are they talking about? Seantrel Henderson, and it will have to Gophers. I only take about 10 seconds of trade talks before. So I switch to the art of []. Guess what? They are talking about Seantrel Henderson had an impact on the gopher. 2 literally within minutes I hear him talking about being on two radio programs on the dial key to wake up in the morning.

No offense to the rest of the class of the 2010. I am really excited about Jimmy Gjere and Lamonte Edwards, but I’m sure the morning show [art] However, very little is known about these children (even if not heard of them). Mr. Hartman has learned, and we signed a big baby of Irondale but I guarantee he did not know his first name. But everyone knows about Seantrel Henderson. When I say the moment of “rock star status” I mean it.

There are a lot of integrated surrounding the case of the state of Minnesota. Henderson in the first place and fall as the myth of “if” at the beginning of the Gophers to win while he is here. But to convince the No. 1 player in the country, and assistance in employment, especially in all parts of the country. For other schools Henderson brings a wide range of skills that will help them a lot along the line of attack. Minnesota, it will be more than that. It will be the cornerstone and one of the main reasons for other athletes to commit to the state of Minnesota. This would facilitate greater success of Brewster was an assistant coach in Minnesota.

I repeat that none of us here believe Henderson will choose Minnesota. This is the drink for me tomorrow (figuratively, not literally. SBN does not pay well enough) and if Henderson gives more effects of the year tomorrow by putting a hat on the Gopher National Day of signature.

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