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January 19, 2010 by USA Post 

Scott Brown Senate:Nearly one year to the day after President Barack Obama was sworn into office as an agent of change, Senate candidates in the special election to succeed the late Edward M. Kennedy battled to the wire Monday in an election that threatened Obama’s agenda and reflected voters’ frustration.

Democrat Martha Coakley and Republican Scott Brown scoured the state for votes on the eve of the election, with the Democrats’ 60-vote Senate supermajority at stake. The Democrats need all 60 votes in their caucus to overcome Republican procedural obstacles in the 100-seat Senate.

From a distance, the president made one last appeal in a TV ad for Coakley, his words reflecting how much was on the line for Democrats in the face of a surprisingly strong challenge by Republican Scott Brown in a state that hasn’t elected a Republican senator since 1972.
“Every vote matters, every voice matters,” Obama said in the ad that showed him campaigning with Coakley a day earlier. “We need you on Tuesday.”

Obama needs Coakley, the state’s attorney general, to win to deny Republicans the ability to block his initiatives — specifically the near-complete health care plan — with a crucial 41st Republican vote. A Coakley loss also would be an embarrassment, particularly because Obama has put so much political capital on the line.

Obama stans on the Left would like you to believe that despite being in office for almost a year now, Barack Obama still needs more time to deliver on his campaign promise of “hope and change”. Ok fair enough. But if all Barry needs is more time then why do two-thirds of Americans still feel that this country is headed in the wrong direction?

Perhaps it’s because Barack Obama has never shown himself to be a man interested in serving to the best interests of all Americans, only the immoral, corrupt white, liberal minions in his base. That’s why unemployment rates are currently seeing record numbers (10% for the country, 16% for Blacks). That’s why Barry’s pushing for more government power and control for health care “reform” Americans don’t want or need. That’s why the President of the Left attempts to bully cap-and-trade legislation that will do nothing but destroy our economy. That’s why he’s overturned stem-cell legislation, wants to set free terrorists and give them Miranda rights. That’s why he ignores continued slights to the black community at large, but has no problem helping the gays any chance he gets.

That said, a victory for Scott Brown today means much more than just a Senate seat, it’s about Americans, even in a liberally-pwned state like Massachusetts, saying enough is enough to a man who only has the interests of one-fifth of Americans at heart. So regardless if Scott Brown wins or loses today, not only will Americans be taking a stand to liberal t*rror*sm, but we’ll begin to serve fair warning to Barack Obama that if he doesn’t start serving to the best interests of all Americans, his presidency will end up as abysmal as Jimmy Carter’s.

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