January 12, 2011 by USA Post, Since the evaluations of teachers are of great interest on the blog, I wanted to share a portion of an e-mail from a teacher to me and legislators are considering the idea, state Rep. Edward Lindsey, the participant’s answer to the e-mail and the letter that New York Chancellor Joel Klein wrote to his teacher explaining why he agreed to release efficiency ratings it once the courts have opened the door.

I think all three give a fairly good summary of pros and cons of this highly explosive issue. I think it’s fair to say hundreds of response on the blog and personal emails to me that this is not an idea that Georgia teachers readily endorse.

And Rep. Lindsey replied:

You gave me a whole stream of consciousness to consider. As I discussed with Ms. Downey, the newsletter for teachers is one of many reforms seriously considered and should not be considered in isolation. We need to examine many areas of education, including curriculum in pre-K program, the number of standardized tests given, improving teacher quality, improving parental involvement The rate of school graduation, the program of technical studies, and the purse of hope. There is no single solution here and all questions must be on the table.

I also stressed the importance of Ms. Downey’s contribution to the teacher on the reforms put forward. That’s what I’m here now. The only thing I do not accept is that the status quo is acceptable. My constituents in general and our next generation, in particular deserve better. I understand clearly where you stand on the report cards of the teacher, but I also note your e-mail that you do not offer constructive reforms that you think help move the ball toward the before. I look forward to hearing from you again with such views.

And Chancellor Joel Klein NY Here, the letter of participating professors on why he agreed to release efficiency rating, pending a court challenge from New York teachers’ union member. The court has not acted yet on the release:

As you have probably read or heard several media recently published Freedom of Information (sheet) applications for the City, requires the Department to share teachers’ reports of data we provide schools and teachers in grades 4-8 each year. These reports use a method called, data?? Value added, the AU seeks to predict student performance based on factors outside a teacher, the AOS control (high levels of poverty, for example), then determines if a teacher, the students involved exceeded or below these expected test scores (teachers can still access their reports au”schools. http:// ‘/ Teachers / TeacherDevelopment / TeacherDataToolkit / GetYourReports / default.htm).

By controlling for factors beyond a teacher, the participant’s control is the fairest way the whole system; we must assess the real impact of teachers on student learning. And while the City, the AM and value-added method is not etched in stone, so the State legislation passed this spring, approved by teachers, unions AO, engaging to use value added data for all teachers. This is also why data on the value added is increasingly used throughout the country as part of a comprehensive system of teacher evaluation.

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