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February 21, 2012 by staff 

Saffron Extract Satiereal, Doctor Oz has four new supplements today that he says will blast our belly fat away and Deepak Chopra to get our mind and body in harmony. Oz starts out by asking if our belly is hanging over our clothes and are we tired of not losing weight. Loretta is the first volunteer and she has a lot of belly fat. Oz says 7-Keto is a supplement that is made of a substance already in our body and will rev up your metabolism. As we age, we make less 7-Keto and our body slows down. Oz says 7-Keto will keep your metabolism revved up and we need 200mg a day. Next, we have Clarice and she is big in the lower half of her body. Forskolin is from a plant and has been used to treat heart problems and helps melt fat away. It burns fat from the inside out and you need 125mg a day. Third, we get Dawn and she is heavy all over and feels bloated all the time. Oz tells her that Caraway Seeds will fight bloating by naturally getting rid of gas. He says bloating happens when our body converts our food into gas and Caraway Seeds are a natural way to get rid of gas and bloating and we should take a handful of these after every meal. Finally, we see Tammy and she has a lot of stress keeping her fat. Oz says Relora, made from plants, will regulate the cortisol hormone and she will lose weight. You should take 250mg of this after each meal. He reminds us that these supplements will help us but we still need to stick to a diet and exercise routine to succeed in changing our body and our lives.

The second segment talks about a miracle supplement to stop our hunger cravings. Oz says Saffron Extract has been proven to kill our hunger and help us lose weight. Oz says we crave carbs because they turn on pleasure sensors in our body and Saffron Extract does the same thing without the calories or carbs. Oz says we Satiereal Saffron extract and we need 80-90 mg a day. Oz had two audience members try this and both say it worked. Martha says this Saffron Extract caused her not to crave cake and get the urges to eat she normally does. Devon says her hunger went from a high level of 10 down to 7. Both say this helped lower their cravings and Martha lost 3 pounds in 3 days. Devon lost 5 pounds in 3 days just by using Saffron Extract.

Deepak Chopra is in this segment and he says meditation is a key to lowering our stress and stimulating our body. He says the biggest fallacy of meditation is that we are not supposed to have thoughts during meditation. Chopra says if you can brush your teeth then you can meditate every day. He shows us a simple 5 minute meditation anyone can do daily. First, sit down and chant “Chevo Hum” to yourself. Next, think of someone you love for a few moments. Then think about what you want for just a bit. Relax, and open your eyes. Do this 5 minutes a day and you will lower your stress levels and be healthier.

Deepak gives us 4 secrets to fight stress. First, he starts the day with a stress less breakfast. It consists of Flaxseed oil, boiled egg, cucumber, and tomato. Second he takes a supplement called Endorphinate and it helps release stress fighting chemicals in our brain. Third, he uses Chyawanprash as a snack to help build his immune system. Finally, he uses breathing exercises called Ujjayi Breath and it is nick named “Darth Vader” breath. He says he also loves a good laugh and laughter will always help lower our stress levels.

The final segment is dealing with natural pain remedies. Oz says that we can cure back pain by using 300mg Boswellia and 1 tsp. of ground ginger made into a shake with fruit. Second, use Red Mineral Algae, 2400 mg for joint pain. For tooth pain, sprinkle salt on a garlic clove and bite on it and it will reduce the tooth pain. Finally, for sinus pain, just hum to yourself. When you hum, you open your sinuses and increase air flow.

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