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October 10, 2011 by staff 

Ryan Gosling Ides Of MarchRyan Gosling Ides Of March, Politics. Secrets. Drama. “The Ides of March” is a film that shows the policy has no limits. Stephen Myers (Ryan Gosling) is a young campaign manager that parttakes in organizing his campaign strategy of the candidate. Stephen candidate, Mike Morris (George Clooney), is the governor of Pennsylvania as Democratic presidential candidate against Senator Ted Pullman (Michael Mantell) in Arkansas.

Stephen believes that Mike is a great candidate, with solid ideas on improving the country. He and his principal campaign director Paul Zara (Phillip Seymour Hoffman) are focused on getting the votes of Ohio to Mike, so you can be nominated for the presidency.

At first, there is nothing unusual. Mike is the leader in the polls and Ohio, seems a lock on their votes. However, unexpectedly, events occur that put Mike in a very tight, putting his nomination and win Ohio in question. That’s when Tom Duffy (Paul Giamatti) calls Esteban offer to switch sides and the campaign of Senator Pullman. Through many chains of events, Stephen is released from remaining true to his campaign, while discovering the secrets and stories that could take complete Mike out of the race.

Gosling is a great job portraying Stephen. Showing a charismatic, intelligent young man who is doing everything possible to do their job. He comes with campaign ideas that make the smart choices for Mike, and is dedicated to the campaign. When a disaster and the betrayal of his career, Stephen becomes completely. He becomes unstable and annoying and seems to fall into a downward spiral. Gosling is able to show this change in the character beautifully. His ability to go from Happy-Go-Lucky severe and pervasive as a man is an exceptional art. Stephen’s character through his keen thinking and intelligent mind is capable of organizing a turn of events that leaves the audience to think for hours after the intricate and precisely he was able to get what he wanted, and Gosling is able to portray accurately the on-screen.

Clooney also offers incredible performance. Her character is strong and solid values ??that could make the country a better place for everyone’s benefit. It also has a good marriage with his wife, and seems to be a kind man and elegant. Clooney is able to portray this good heart in his character with his charming personality and attitude of all good doer. However, things take a turn too twisted Mike, when some unexpected news comes forward. This also forces Clooney to portray a different side of Mike that has not yet been seen. Mike becomes fierce and dominant in a way that makes the audience question their true values. Clooney shows this well in his character through his remarkable performance to be the most important man in this movie.

Both actors show exemplary performance through their characters. Through his serious roles, but quiet and serene, each game the good / bad the role very well.

Evan Rachel Wood as Molly Stearns, also shows a remarkable performance. Wood is an intern for the Campaign for Mike and the daughter of Jack Stearns, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Molly is a 20-year-old, who has an interest in politics, but bigger interest in older men.

Molly Wood plays a character that characterizes sensual perfection. Her relaxed, yet confident attitude adds a little kick to her seductive presence. Her performance is a nice contrast to the seriousness and the fierceness of Clooney and Gosling’s characters.

This drama, suspense filled with a wonderful cast and the original story. It will take viewers on a ride of political and moral thought, juggling with the line between what is right and what is going too far.

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