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Ryan GoslingRyan Gosling, At the time that Ryan Gosling is shown in Crazy, Stupid Love, playing a conqueror so practiced and hoped that comes as a pickup artist as a way of disarming any woman who thinks he is immune to pick-up artists,

we know only that he is – and we continue to see that whatever you do, because it’s so damn good at it. In fact, what it does is many things at once. It’s about being totally charming, caustically funny and sxy as hell: Gosling, high and sleepy eyes, in three-piece suits and hair mate, shows you how perfect you have all that so far he looks a designer leggy princess and starts making his move. In Crazy, Stupid Love, that’s all irrelevant innuendo, all the signs e**tic relaxed, everything vibrates.

It is also a fast talker and incisive, playing a master of the “game” reveals enough of himself that we want to see more of it. While the film shows (which is what he teaches Steve Carell, playing a suburban pumpkin gil you need to get in touch with your inner alpha male), a successful pickup artist today has to be aggressively honest about what a liar he is.

Gosling makes the audience eager to see the person beneath the lie below what may be an idiot but I know I will! Come-on. That’s because Gosling knows exactly who this person is. He is the rare player who can play a stud-bar pickup, and in turn there performance in a study of only identify that kind of friend. In each film he does, Ryan Gosling is deadly serious about acting as a game that is also an art. And that is why it is great.

Not bad for someone who could coast on the sparkle in his eyes. You know the old saying about how you as a person or a Beatles Stones? It is true, of course. You can worship both at once (many of us), but in his heart or heart, at day’s end, his loyalty last temperamental leaning one way or another. (I’m a Beatles person.) In a similar way, I would say that almost every major Hollywood star today is either a first player and a second movie star or a movie star first and a second actor. Just give it a try.

Brad Pitt? He can sometimes (as in The Tree of Life), being an actor surprising, but their DNA is a movie star. Sean Penn? As a great actor before he is a star. Leonardo DiCaprio? Since Titanic, it is inevitable that his movie star status trumps his performance mojo (though, at its best, is considerable). James Franco? Actor first, second star.

Gosling may be the rare player like Jack Nicholson, which is equal on both at once. From the beginning, however, I thought he was destined to be almost a first and a second star player. He was released ten years ago, in the believer (left), playing an anti-Semitic skinhead was in fact a brilliant, searching, self-hating Jew blunder, and Gosling gave a performance – I t say this lightly – that was worthy of the young Robert De Niro. He did something that psychopathic movies, let alone the movies of young scholars of the Talmud in Judaism became kickers almost never do: He made the belief system of intellectual charged and compelling. He showed that this violence, that guy fu*king despised his heritage was in the depths of his anger, the only Jewish person halfway reverent in the room. (I hated the contradictions of religion – the hypocrisy that, in his opinion – because his desire to believe was so slow.) Including individual performance, impressive screen actor was born.

Three years later, in the notebook, sticky and effective adaptation of the novel by Nicholas Sparks, Gosling, Rachel McAdams starred opposite proved that not only had the right stuff, having the piece things, too – could not do puppy longing eye covers and warm in the rain, and girls in the audience fainted. But as important as the police car was beaten to his screen image, the film, for me, confirmed Gosling remarkable fusion of quality acting and classic Hollywood magnetism is fractured, the thriller of cat and mouse that did Anthony Hopkins in 2007. It was exactly the kind of “Well, it’s time to make a thriller” project tends to result in a condition of their box office success and repetitive performance. However, Gosling took the role of a young prosecutor, obsessed with nailing the author of a “perfect” crime, and made the character so intense that lock horns with him neurotically Hopkins was exciting. 70′s style fury Bulhan volatile explosive performance, discrete / Harlequin overwrought performance, the psychological thriller old act: there was nothing, apparently, that Ryan Gosling could not do.

What he is doing now is growing. Gosling is 30 years old, which is the exact age of Robert De Niro Mean Streets was when he was released, and last year, playing the troubled, apathetic, angry, alcoholic, however, so, so tender, and Blue Valentine longing husband, Gosling gave a performance that affected what Pauline Kael, who described the performance of De Niro in Scorsese’s classic, called “the note of truth.” It was bravura acting at all levels – a technical tour de force that made all the mood swings convincing, but, as Gosling earlier performance in the believer, who showed him the character of the belief system from the inside out (and more reasonable got it, but came wrapped in empathy for the actors). Blue Valentine was about the frustration of a certain kind of narcissistic injury romantic man who feels at this time, that domestic life has taken away their power. Gosling him know how it feels when that power away.

And now, six months later, here is crazy, love, silly, playing a man who is all soft power, helping Steve Carell get their power back. I do not love each and every performance Ryan Gosling. For me, even he could not play the fool is the mannequin sex love story bearable Lars and Real Girl, and turn over celebrated as a center of the city and teachers who became drug addict in Half Nelson was time, in my opinion, has some striking method. However, their consistency, usually, is extraordinary, as is its scope, as is his taste for the papers. He knows how to layer and art to show that you cannot tell the difference. That leads me to ask again: Is there something that Ryan Gosling cannot do?

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