Russia Space Crew Launch

September 14, 2011 by staff 

Russia Space Crew LaunchRussia Space Crew Launch, The Russian Space Agency has announced it will postpone the launch of the space crew last season Nov.12. This gives cause for concern for NASA since the situation is such that NASA itself does not take space shuttle astronauts to the International Space Station, and is based entirely on Russia for it.
For NASA, the flight in July was the last and that meant that NASA move on to more ambitious targets, while the job of transporting people and supplies to the orbiting research station could be assumed by other companies.

But then, the recent malfunction of rockets, including one on 24 August by a Russian ship that was taking tons of supplies to the space station, has caused concern. The rocket that failed in August is similar to that used by the Russians in November to carry astronauts. An American astronaut will also be on board.

The reason for the engine failure was later found to be a manufacturing defect in a fuel line that caused the motor of the third stage of closure. The concerns raised were obviously related to quality control in the factories of Russian rockets.

“You can not put our head in the sand about the fact that you’re going to have failures,” said Christopher C. Kraft, former director of the Manned Space Flight Center of NASA The failures are expected in vehicles as old as the Soyuz – U.S. space shuttle or in the case, Kraft said.

“It would be better if the space station does not depend on a single nation,” New York Times quoted Scott Pace, director of the Space Policy Institute at George Washington by the agency.

There are American companies with which NASA has contracts to transport cargo to the space station and the hope of establishing contracts for taxis space for humans. But then the idea does not look like its happening in reality and the Orbital Sciences Corporation in Vienna, Virginia, one of the two companies that are supposed to carry cargo to the space station next year, suffered a setback in June for motor a soil test.

In addition, space exploration Technologies Corporation of Hawthorne, California, or SpaceX, the other company that has a contract, does not seem promising enough after they could not explain until last week, the overheating of the engines during a flight test Otherwise a great success in December. SpaceX aims to take its first load of cargo to the space station in December, said the report.

NASA has said that the crew remain on the International Space Station has enough food and supplies, including water and oxygen for survival.

Three of the six members of the space station crew return this week in one of two Soyuz capsules docked there, while the other three are out of the capsule remaining 19 November.

Once the space station is empty, the station can be operated from the ground. But it could prove disastrous if a malfunction and get the 100 000 000 000 Space Station falling out of control. That could mean putting at risk the entire human spaceflight program of the United States, Russia and other participating nations.

Russian officials have said the space that two rockets were launching unmanned Soyuz – one for the launching of satellites and the other to transport the cargo to the space station – before sending to the people again.

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