Rush Limbaugh Loughner

January 13, 2011 by staff 

Rush Limbaugh Loughner, Rush Limbaugh has said many terrible things offensive today, because he himself was defending people who say hateful, ugly rhetoric leads to violence. Well, it was not really “defend itself” from anything, as all spit his usual garbage free-associative.

He “jokingly” suggested that Democrats had deliberately orchestrated a mass murder for their own political interests. It incorrectly stated, “All the associations that any act of violence has been done with the conservative right has fallen on emptiness.” He said that now the government takes away your guns, with “as political freedoms, as they can manage.” (So you’d better stock up on weapons, and you’d better fear and hatred of the government!)

Probably every decent American had the same emotional response as the former Supreme Court Sandra Day O’Connor to the terrible events in her home country of Arizona. “It looks like something that could happen in some countries like Afghanistan,” O’Connor said the New York Times. “It should not happen in Tucson.”

We continue to say, but political assassinations and assassination attempts are more common in the U.S. than anywhere. Throughout my adult life, fools with guns or bombs have changed American history more than any election. President John F. Kennedy, Senator Robert Kennedy, Jr. Rev. Martin Luther King, Governor George Wallace, President Ronald Reagan. Hundred sixty-eight innocent victims in Oklahoma City.

Less successful attempts were also made against presidents Gerald Ford and Bill Clinton. Before the serious injury of the Republic Gabrielle Giffords and kill six innocent people, the only member of Congress was assassinated in office Rep. Leo Ryan in Guyana in connection with the Jonestown suicides in 1978 – a single episode of psychosis in our collective life.


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