Rush Limbaugh First Job Shining Shoes

March 26, 2012 by staff 

Rush Limbaugh First Job Shining Shoes, Limbaugh also displayed his incredible ignorance of how elections work (“if Mickey Mouse and Adolf Hitler can sign a recall petition, there’s no doubt in my mind they can also vote”). Of course, anybody can sign a recall petition with any name, and organizers are obligated to turn in all of the names. But fake names aren’t counted, nor can they vote.

Still, the strangest and most disturbing comment by Limbaugh today had nothing to do smearing unions, but instead was about smearing shoe polish. Fondly recalled his days shining shoes in a barbershop, Limbaugh declared: “I loved making shoes shine….it was a f***sh.”
Rush Limbaugh’s racism is becoming more and more obvious as he lets his hatred of Obama shine through in openly bigoted ways. And to push that racism, he’s even turned to fabricating quotes that have never been uttered. On Friday, Rush declared on his show,

Obama has not built ‘em the new kitchen that he promised or led them to believe that were gonna get in Tampa. And there are no new cars for everybody. And white people are not shining the shoes of black people. Well, I remember that Tampa fundraiser, that Tampa town hall, we had audiotape of some black people who said, “From now on you all are gonna be waiting on us.” Remember that? That’s what the election meant to some people.

Obviously, the idea of “white people” shining the shoes of black people was what the 2008 election meant to Rush Limbaugh, and he hates it. But for most Americans, the 2008 election was not seen through the prism of racial paranoia that Rush Limbaugh uses.

Limbaugh’s racist fear of “white people” subservient to black people drew surprisingly little criticism, except from Media Matters and a few bloggers on the left.

On his April 25, 2011 show, Limbaugh said nothing about his lies about Henrietta Hughes or Obama and his supporters, nor did he over any evidence to support his fictional claims. But Rush did express outrage that Dr. Wallace Charles Smith, pastor of a church Obama has attended, in a sermon earlier last year “saw fit to compare me to the modern-day KKK.” It is indeed an outrageous comparison. The KKK is widely denounced for its racism by nearly everyone today; Rush Limbaugh’s racism, on the other hand, is rarely criticized in any mainstream media outlet.

In fact, I can’t find anyone in the mainstream media who bothered to report on the astonishing fact that the leading conservative talk show host in the country declared that Obama was elected to make white people serve blacks.

But Limbaugh’s shining example of racism was only the beginning of his bigotry. I investigated his claim that black people said, “From now on you all are gonna be waiting on us.” It appears to be completely fabricated.

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