Rush Limbaugh Diatribe

March 8, 2012 by staff 

Rush Limbaugh Diatribe, I want to know how much the Democratic Party is paying Rush Limbaugh to sabotage Republican prospects in November. I am convinced he is being paid off by the Democrats, because otherwise his tirade about a law student who testified that she thought contraceptives should be covered by her health insurance is inexplicable.

In his tasteless monologue Limbaugh suggested that the student was a “sl*t” because she thought her student health insurance, provided through Georgetown University, should cover contraceptives. He suggested that her desire to have her insurance company cover the cost of birth control pills was somehow tantamount to her being paid for sex. Not satisfied with hurling the aforementioned despicable invectives, Limbaugh went on to say that if “we” are going to pay for her birth control pills, “we” should get something for it, then making the outlandish suggestion that she post videos of her sex life on the Internet.

Laying aside for a moment that Limbaugh’s diatribe set yet a new low in our public discourse, it also just made no sense. He was clearly implying that the student was asking for the government to pay for her birth control. However, she is covered by a private group health insurance policy provided through her university and for which she pays premiums. Until now, employers have been free to decline coverage for birth control. Under regulations to be issued under the nation’s new health care law, coverage for birth control would be mandatory. The student was offering her testimony in favor of the new regulation.

Certainly the degree to which any level of government, and especially the federal government, should be involved in specifying which treatments should be covered by private insurance arrangements is a fair question. However, it is very common at the state level for certain coverages to be mandated. For example, maternity coverage is mandated for group policies in almost all cases by the states.

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