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Rupaul S Drag Race Season 3, Adam finished in second place on the eighth series of the show and quickly signed a recording contract. He has since released two albums and earned a Grammy nomination.

Last night, 28-year-old partying in West Hollywood at the premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 3.

Meanwhille Alex reached the semi-finals on the ninth season of the series, and even after leaving more than 19,000 fans has signed a petition for reinstatement.

Post Idol, he signed a development agreement and played in the web series Simon Fuller on candidates to reality, If I Can Dream.
But little has been heard about the 20-year-old during the year since he left the show.

He tweeted this week: “Oh my God yall! I was sleepin crashin behind buildings and outside, but I do not want anybody to pity me! I’m a grown ass man.

After his tweets provoked a storm of controversy, he defends, saying he was sleeping in the street.
“F *** yeah I sleepin outside! That s *** sucks too! I go home to get my sht together!

“But I’ll be back! And I’m comin hard! Lets do it!
His record company has denied that Alex was sleeping in the street.
“Alex is not homeless,” said the spokesman. “It has been crashing on friends couches while looking for an apartment, but he became a retainer and work on [New Music] demos.

“Mondays are a hindrance” as RuPaul, returns with a new set of queens for the challenges in their fight for the title of America’s Next Superstar Drag.
The first two hours of the third season “RuPaul’s Drag Race” begins with a show of casting and the first episode of the third season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race.
RuPaul begins the show with some audition tapes of girls who did not make the cut for the third season Top 12, including Ru admire for their shameless promotion.
The first two queens to the show are Manila Luzon whose boyfriend Sahara Davenport and Carmen Carrera. Show next pouring RuPaul takes a tour of some of the closets of drag queen and girls make it all their first time in drag.
The next two queens to the show are the dummy Raja whose day job is a makeup artist. In addition to working with artists from Hollywood American Idol Raja calls Adam Lambert to a friend. India Ferrah began as a child at the age of 14.
Next up RuPaul has unveiled some of the hearings for men who wanted to be part of his pit crew – the men who help on Ru Drag Race.
Girls, more size came into force at the hearing for RuPaul this season and the two queens who do the show are Imfurst Mimi and Southern Belle Stacy Layne Matthews.
Before introducing more queens, RuPaul has presented a package on queens and why they do not drag. “A drag queen is a true artist,” said RuPaul before a video clip of queens applying makeup and getting dressed.
The next two queens to be part of the show are Queen Sofia Puerot Rica Yara Phoenix and Atlanta.
Santino RuPaul and held open auditions for season 3 Drag Race on Hollywood Boulevard, which has produced an interesting collection of queens and drag race hopes. Venus D-Lite was one of the queens chosen from that audition, the long work with Delta.
Before presenting the last two seasons three queens, RuPaul showed a video package on the lip sync to your life. After hearing three times for Drag Race Alexis Mateo and last but not least, the ballroom dancer Mariah.
And the race is about to begin the queen’s start their engines on the first season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race …
As the queens walk in the workroom for the first time, the unthinkable occurs when two queens wear the same equipment.
RuPaul between and greet queens – “fiercest of the fierce.” This season, the winner receives a lifetime supply of the compound or on the circuit Absolut, and this time, and the winner gets 75,000.
The pit crew revealed a large package and Shangela jumped. RuPaul has announced that Shangela would join the queens of the third season of Drag Race.
The first challenge of the season was Mike Ruiz photographed the girls for a residence permit with a backdrop of Christmas while jumping on a trampoline. The winner of the holiday card photo shoot was Raja.
For the great challenge that the girls went shopping, drag, at thrift store where they had 10 minutes and $ 50, $ 75 for Raja to purchase items required for a spectacular holiday kultour.
RuPaul embark on the track segment of the show. Since the show is a case of holiday Santa paid a visit in the form of Bruce Vilanch? Ru and join Santa at the table of the judge are Santino, Mike Ruiz, Michelle Visage, and a special guest judge Vanessa Williams.
After the 13 queens have walked the runway and presented their best vacations based Christmas decorations and items purchased in a thrift store, RuPaul called Mariah, Delta, Yara, India, Phoenix Stacy, and Alexis to step forward. She told them they all stood to not get noticed, but they were safe. Ru said, and 75,000 with the online security are a dirty word.
For critics, some of the queens did a lot of excuses that did not please RuPaul.
Mimi is safe, Manila is safe, Venus is in the last two, Raja is the queen who stole Christmas and the winner of the challenge of the week, and she will also have immunity from elimination next week. Carmen is safe, but Shangela will again face the two bottom of the first week of competition this season – it was the very place where was Shangela eliminated last season.
Venus D-Lite and Shangela had lip sync to their lives “The Right Stuff” by Vanessa Williams. During the lip sync of your life, things get violent than the queens started to pull pieces of clothing and pushing. After the song was over RuPaul said, “it made me uncomfortable.”
In the end RuPaul said Shangela Shanti and residence, while Venus D-Lite had to sashay away and was the first person to be eliminated from the competition.


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