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October 27, 2011 by staff 

Rob Gronkowski Twitter, There is nothing wrong with Rob Gronkowski dating a prn star. There is much wrong with him issuing an apology.

After hearing that BiBi Jones prn star pictures of her Twitter and Patriots tight end, and then listen to Jones describes the relationship of the two – or lack thereof – on 98.5 The Sports Centre, I never seem to Gronkowski had done something for which he needed to apologize.

But for some strange reason, the whole situation has become more than a quick story, stating simply the latest example of “Gronk Gronk be.” Instead, led him to meet with the owner Robert Kraft, after the sophomore insisted he never wanted to hurt the reputation of the organization.

I could be wrong, but I think it would be hard pressed to find many people who felt it was harming the team’s reputation. And while Mr. Kraft said he was offended by the pictures would be pure speculation, it is clear that it was a big enough issue that the two need to sit down and talk about it.

Dating a prn star in their bye week may seem unconventional, especially when you’re part of the New England Patriots, an organization that are expected to stay on the straight and narrow. However, while Jones could be involved in an industry that is viewed differently, if unfavorably by some when it comes to any crime, how Gronkowski posing for a picture with her different than posing for a picture of a butcher, a florist, or a waitress, or a teacher, or whatever?

It might be more noteworthy, given Jones’ (a little) celebrity status, but not a criminal (not that I know) or a threat to society (again, not that I know). Gronkowski and not doing anything incriminating photos, making it a little confusing in that the divergence from that path above.

Likely that the problem is that Jones had Gronkowski Patriots shirt in the photos posted on Twitter. But even then, wear a shirt in the picture really tarnish the reputation of the team? I dare say not, but Gronkowski apology indicates that there was a feeling among the top I was a little out of line with its bye week behavior.

Sure, photos of Gronkowski with his head buried in a book of plays or running races in a field of local high school could have been a little more welcome by Mr. Kraft and company, but we have to see the situation so it is: one in real life, the popular young player and professional football enjoying their bye week.

Understandably Kraft wants to maintain control over their players, but the fiasco is an issue not from a football perspective is hard to imagine why Gronkowski was under the gun.

Once the Patriots face the Steelers on Sunday, the whole debacle is placed in the background back, and will be back to business for the Pats. However, a similar situation will arise with other athlete. It may not be pictures with prn stars, but probably will see some athletes trap heat from your computer for anything posted on Twitter.

Twitter offers a unique insight into the world of athletes – the world that do not normally see. But that luxury comes with situations in which some fans, or employers, are offended. If a team believes that the risk is too high, it must implement clearly established, the guidelines for the use of Twitter. Or people should stop getting offended – but that’s a tall order.

Until we see the wheels in place on these changes, however, there should be no reason for teams to get up in arms over harmless photos.

If BiBi Jones suddenly appears in the Patriots aside, then the Pats may have a problem reputation. For now, Gronk Gronk. No apologies necessary.

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