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June 27, 2011 by USA Post 

Rob Ford Gay PrideRob Ford Gay Pride, Here in the center of the universe, there has been a helluva scandal on the Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, and his decision not to attend the annual Pride parade in the city. It’s a great thing here, because the festival of pride is a little big, and here all these years, the Mayor has taken part.

Not Ford. He has made clear that it is sticking to the family tradition of going home. The Pride Parade will spend the long weekend of Canada Day and the Ford family always goes to the home. His mother says. His brother says. Seeing is a timing conflict in the family-against-gay-pride. Pepito, what is a man to do?

Maybe you’re thinking catch the parade on TV in the house, while wearing a feather boa in solidarity. Maybe not.

Far from you or me to extrapolate any meaning from this turmoil. Far from you or me to see that the “family” and “gay pride” is a bit loaded, as scheduling conflicts are in the culture in which we live. And far be it from you or me to find the clan Ford’s insistence that things at home this weekend in particular is a “tradition” is also a little loaded. No, we will not insist on the echo of the arguments with the words “tradition” and “family” in the context of gay and lsbn festival. A person may have a headache doing that, even with a feather boa.

It would be cruel and wrong to assume that the mayor of Toronto has some sort of problem with gays and lsbns. A more likely scenario is the possibility that Ford is a teensy bit uncomfortable with the field of hand luggage in the pride parade. Some people are. All the extravagant costumes, all that leather and leather guns and water jets here, there and everywhere. Boys kissing. Women kissing.

Ford is a type of hockey game. In his first Council meeting as mayor, so as to be “introduced” by Don Cherry. Cherry wore a hot pink coat and gave a speech on the bike riding “leftist pinkos” that had bothered him. This was a unique situation in how extravagant sartorial style of Don Cherry field is peculiar. Surely, we should let the people much more clever than you or I to know the meaning tortured when a guy who could have a problem with the behavior of field has a dandy man with a pink coat submitted on your big day. (You, on the corner, who muttered, “That make a cute couple,” just be quiet. What a shame!) There is probably an academic paper on the subject for a teacher or a psychiatrist who takes on. Possibly a weekend conference.

Anyway. In the lodge, some people watch TV. Sometimes, I am informed, people make DVDs of the series and seeing. Good plan. Relaxing and everything. The Ford sounds like the kind of clan who would do that. Popular TV shows in the evenings to enjoy a beer while populist. This is how one pictures. But watch out mayor, gays and lsbns are everywhere!

Where do we start? Glee is very popular. But for those sensitive to these things is as gay as all get-out. He has what many think is the cutest couple on television – but it would be Kurt and Blaine. Two boys, who do all sorts of things ostentatiously, outrageously gay. And cheerleading coach, Sue Sylvester, the heaps of scorn in all things Glee? Played by a lsbn.

Modern Family is an option, award-winning, ratings-winning sitcom. Much admired for his intelligent humor. Enjoyed by many. But, unfortunately, has, as one of its leading families, same-sex partner and Cameron Mitchell. They have a daughter, Lily. Sometimes, Cameron is aware of being perceived as the mother in the family. Worse, no one pays a blind bit of notice to the fact that they are gay.

As for Canadian content, you might think that there is always Degrassi – a major series of Toronto for the mayor of this great city to see. Unfortunately, again, is full of gays and lsbns.

Returning to the old television programs in recent decades is a plan, but be careful. Soap, soap opera satire of the 1970′s, has the gay character Jodie Dallas. Love, Sidney, 1981 is about a gay man, played by Tony Randall, who is a single mother and her daughter live with him.

Try thirties and soon found two men in bed. In Roseanne, Roseanne Barr kissed Mariel Hemingway. There were two girls kissing on Picket Fences and two women kissing in the law of Los Angeles. Ellen DeGeneres Ellen Morgan played, a bookstore owner Ellen neurotic fun, and then both Ellen Morgan and Ellen DeGeneres came out. Will & Grace – not even go there.

The fact is that it is difficult to live in a heterosexual world more. On the street or watching television. You can hide in the office, at home or at home, but they are here, gays and lsbns, the payment of taxes and the party. Missing part is losing pride. But far be it from you and I to judge. We advise: Do not switch the TV.

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