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September 4, 2011 by staff 

Rice Vs TexasRice Vs Texas, I just got home from the game and I hope everyone was able to see one way or another. For those who missed it, 34-9 victory over Texas Rice (File) confirmed most of what we think about this team for the season. At least as far as I’m concerned, that’s a good thing.

Although Texas led only 13-6 at half, the struggles were different in nature from a year ago. Texas was not running very well, but the approach was sound and dedicated team. In the second half, the Longhorns began to find the pace a bit, and ended the Owls away from a solid, satisfying 34-9 win. The game seemed a bit like what to expect of the season as a whole: some setbacks and difficulties in the early stages, but the steady improvement throughout, culminating in a stronger team that crescendos to end the year.

Some thoughts on the game varied:

Tempting jams. Viewing each of our caravan was excellent finish their careers. Cody Johnson pointed a touchdown and took a big first determined effort by the single. Malcolm Brown looks fantastic playing their current weight and will have as few negative-yard carries in his career as Cedric Benson. Joe Bergeron is more impressive live than I expected, and I was already high in children. Fozzy Whittaker and ended the Owls with two touchdowns, two of which showed what it brings to the table for this group: explosiveness. Honestly, I liked what I saw each and every one of our jams tonight, and we will get much out of them. Those who focus on that should begin to lack the strength of this group. No matter who starts, and we will use all these guys trying to get what they want out of the ground offensive as a whole. Tonight was a great start for this group.

Garrett Gilbert, good and bad. Gilbert was frustrating in the first half, simply because it seemed to be operating in a mechanical way, as a pre-programmed machine. But even in its mediocre first half there were three things that were very encouraging to see: First, avoid costly mistakes, which of course is a minimum requirement, but still important. Second, Gilbert hit a deep ball that – wait for it … put some air under! Contact has been one of the things missing from his passes, but showed a bit tonight. And third, Gilbert consistently got more comfortable as the game went on, and betters along with it, a good deal. Early in the game that was still alarmingly rigid and mechanical, but as we began to establish himself began to flow through the bag more comfortably, and with the extra half-second to hand finishing. If I had the game tape to review and present to you, I would highlight some of the works: (1) His first release in which it seemed wrong to have decided when it seemed to have decided that going to happen before the snap. (2) Your balls deep with proven touch. (3) At the end second half in which eluded the pressure and used the extra time to throw a catchable ball on the bench for the first. On the whole show a performance that has much room for improvement, but was encouraged in ways that were so important that we see. Let’s see if he can keep progressing as tougher defenses, but my biggest concern in this game was a catastrophic performance of Gilbert. It just did not need that, and now I’m pretty happy to have achieved what we have done. Especially considering his improvement when I felt more comfortable during the game. Hopefully, suggesting that there may be further improved and will continue.

Weird Science Manny Diaz. Our defense certainly has some exploitable weaknesses, but one of the interesting things about taking the game tonight was experiencing operational theories Manny Diaz in action. Again and again he felt like the rice was getting it done against our defense, but continued to produce no points to prove it. It is crucial to remember that it is no accident – it is the very design of the defense Manny Diaz. It was very interesting to contemplate in theory, but it was even cleaner than experiencing it in action tonight. Rice was able to do some things against us on the ground, but never took a great play and continually had to keep the units if they wanted to prove a touchdown. Never arrived, and that’s something to consider as we move forward this season. Crime is going to have to keep your units, move the chains, and end units. Rice had two nice drives of 10 plays +, but both could not convert on six points. The Texas defense is not ready to be a dominant unit, but neither will allow entries with ease. It’s a simple thing, but yet so crucial.

Malcolm Brown is preparing to produce. I noticed too caught up in the corridor is beginning, but do not hesitate excited about what Malcolm Brown will do in this offense. We knew it was a powerful runner, but the most exciting news is that he is playing at 215 pounds, and it shows in how the court and his lateral movement. It looks great and is moving very well, but the reason is able to take advantage of their skills is the patience and vision. It’s the hardest skill to teach a broker, and Brown has to ‘feel’ so much time and space that is the difference between great athletes and great hunters.

Jordan Shipley returns a seventh year of Texas football. Well, seeing Jaxon Shipley play football in Texas using No. 8 is rare. The similarities between him and his brother go beyond similarity, but are frankly incredible. If there is one difference is that Liliana is like his brother did as a young man and in his first years true. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a receiver true freshman more polished in all my years of watching college football. One of the best parts of watching the game in the stadium was getting to see Jaxon run their routes. It is fast and crisp, sound technician, and create separation from his defender just like his older brother not long ago.

The offensive line is improving. The performance of the offensive line was in unison with the whole offensive unit, they began to get really going on in the game continued. They kept clean Gilbert Jersey in pass protection and seemed to run better and better in the running game, as it began to get into a rhythm. The funny thing is that can be viewed as an offensive unit that is fully immersed in, and comfortable, Bryan Harsina system is ready to succeed. The Texas offensive line really started working well together in the racing game in the second half tonight, and you could see how consistently benefited from attack Harsina defense during the game.

A quick hit. Diggs Carrington and Quandra Byndom impressed both tonight and will be very good in November…. DJ Bryan Monroe Harsina times used on purpose in a unit of Greg Davis did more than two years … Speaking of which, after the last few years, almost all cases of good old-fashioned variation and diversity that we saw tonight looked like a trick play, right? Is really just quality football, but the pressure difference is hard … John Harris will make the highlights for his touchdown throw, but his coaches will be even happier with his blocking on the edge … Jordan Hicks I came stronger as the game went on, but my impression at first live game was that our linebackers left something to be desired. I’m worried about the equipment that keeps us on the ground.

Wrap these reflections up game night, this was definitely a victory to celebrate, Longhorns fans. No matter the opponent or the end result, we saw the most important things that confirm our reasons for believing that this team will continue to improve, and this program is headed in the right direction. It would be nice if we all came together quickly, right away – this season – but more importantly, this season we started on the right track. What we saw tonight is absolutely in line with that view. And that’s by far the most important.

Tonight provided a solid warm up the computer to find a rhythm, and next week will actually be tested as a strong team of Brigham Young University will not be intimidated by us at all time Austin. The Pumas have a better defense than they had anticipated, and a crime similar to the potential of our own.

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