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September 7, 2010 by Post Team 

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Good piece hard struggle Rep. John Hall for re-election of (the former Orleans star Crawdaddy wrote to me back in the day). See my forthcoming article about it here.

We are sure you are not surprised again: the last battle of Marty Peretz of intolerance against Muslims.

Home of Bob Woodward’s new book Obama onwards. Well, glad that in war, no general “first year in office” took.

My new piece, an interview with author Lawrence Wright about his film of the HBO broadcast tonight – al-Qaeda, 9 / 11, and the U.S. torture.

General Petraeus American religious right compare to the Taliban in the discussion of the burning of the Koran.

Ruby Tuesday

Bob Herbert: Labor Day, Obama finally found his voice: “Mr. Obama linked the nation’s desperate need for employment to the sorry state of national infrastructure in a tone that conveyed passion and empathy, and left me thinking “Where has this type been in the past year and a half? ”

George Soros and the donation of 100 million to Human Rights Watch, his (and his) the largest donation ever and the greatest gift this year almost anyone for anything.

Movement Tea Party: favorable 36% / 40% unfavorable / Never heard of 10% in the poll CNN / ORC.

Robert Greenwald video promoting “truthiness Restoration” hosted by Stephen Colbert rally next month at the Lincoln Memorial – well, you can sign the petition for it and if you build it, he will come the best.

Noah’s Arc: Swell by Tim Noah multimedia presentation on how to reduce inequality in the U.S. …. From the Atlantic: 10 ways to reduce unemployment by half.

GOP TAKEOVER IS COMING? Repub consultants urge single attack Democratic candidates, not to mention issues at all, or try to pretend experience. Wash Post new poll finds “Obama’s disapproval rating over 50% for the first time …. Stu Rothenberg, a leader in the elections turned forecster only another 20 seats in the Republican Party, what it takes in November. …. Wash Post new interactive feature in each House race here.

LA Frat Pack New New Yorker profiles infamous place of rest for the political future once disgraced, the C Street House in Washington DC as “The Frat House for Jesus.”

Look joking short teaser for my next book incredibly influential (and wild) Upton Sinclair’s career, left the California governorship in 1934, that inspired the invention of the modern political campaign – and the first entry in Hollywood no quarter politics.

BITS & PIECES: Peter Orszag’s first regular column in the New York Times appears today on the budget deficit – which wants the Bush tax cuts retained for three years after aboliished good ….. Glenn Greenwald in his next book, plus two new books forcefully to the right of America … ProPublica: War anthrax – Connecting Malaysia.


Babelgum imagine the Mad Men season 10 – in the 1970s. Peggy becomes CEO. Fonzi to jump a shark. Don Draper has lung cancer and finally tells the world that is a woman born in the body of a man. And more.

The music of today

One of my favorite songs of Woody Guthrie for the new depression / recession – and the illegal alien debate – “Do-Re-Mi.” John Mellencamp and Leadbelly Guthrie tribute project several years ago.


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