Resident Evil Apocalypse

January 16, 2011 by Post Team 

Resident Evil Apocalypse, Afterlife is the fourth installment in the Resident Evil series and continues the story line starring Milla Jovovich as Alice. Ali Larter returns from the third film, RE: Extinction, if interesting information is the return of Sienna Guillory as Jill Valentine from the sultry second film, Resident Evil: Apocalypse. The action film with shouts and some pretty decent 3D effects, but depending on your beliefs of 3D, it can still be a gadget. The action and strangeness should entertain you, but do not expect an Oscar-winning film. This movie does improve the poorest sections of the latest movie and entertainment on the screen. This film is not the best of the series, but better than the last installment and quite enjoyable. The suggestion of Resident Evil: Afterlife is if you’re a fan of the series, no doubt it will be bought, but if you’re using the film-viewer, while the rent.

The film RESIDENT EVIL franchise all started way back in 2002 with Paul WAS Anderson at the helm. The series has been greeted with a huge fanfare and comments indeed terrible, but the boy did a lot of money at the box office. A $ 100 000 000 letters, most box offices guaranteed a sequel, and two years later he came in the form of RESIDENT EVIL: APOCALYPSE. Despite not making more money, the film makes a profit, so again the third part, Resident Evil: Extinction has been deployed in production, and released in 2007. The fourth film, Resident Evil: Afterlife was the cinema in 2010, and this week has been released for the original format, the original writer / director back at the helm, a Milla Jovovich reprising her role of Alice.

The new film sees Alice to join a group of survivors in most apocalyptic, zombie infested and even Los Angeles. The entire film sees them attempt to escape the skyscrapers skyscrapers in the asylum of the mysterious “Arcadia.” The only thing that stand in their hundreds were are the walking dead hungry for blood around them.

I kinda liked the sound of the premise, although not a fan of the original film I have been interesting to see why Anderson returned to the franchise he helped create. The electoral success of Death Race, which, while brain and forgetful, I was really entertained. Unfortunately Resident Evil: Afterlife did not.

The things I liked (start with the positive). I liked the introduction of the character Chris Redfield (the original game), I loved the heavy ax blade manic / brandishing a hood and I liked a sequence of action means a point where Alice McClane John said outside skyscraper in Los Angeles with dozens of brainless zombies to follow, and plunging to their (second) death. It’s … about it.

The things I did not like. Where to begin … agree, the script. First point, you know a bad script when you look at the movie for the first time and begin to quote the lines before the actors say. Point two: quality. Wentworth Miller is inroduced Chris Redfield, but unfortunately very little meat for food. The character has no depth and is not explored as much as I liked it was, especially as I recalled the game, and I really wanted to see where the filmmakers would need this. . Nowhere. Point three, 3D, or the lack of DVD (the format in which I reviewed). 3D there is no option, but the film is literred with objects constantly thrown at the camera, be it bullets, ninja stars, coins, trunk or f-off Milla Jovovich two big guns. Action set pieces are in place and implemented at no cost to the new format, which bars a scene in a shower soaked in water in the central part of the film does not work on the small screen. He really started to irritate me after awhile.


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