Republican Debate Tonight

October 19, 2011 by staff 

Republican Debate TonightRepublican Debate Tonight, Here, without any particular order, are some of the things we are looking and waiting for the meeting tonight’s Sin City Republican Party candidates.

1. Does the public applauds electrifying Mexicans? – Jon Nicosia

2. Will there be a 7-way race to design killer Dr. Evil / Wile E. Coyote device to stick on a wall at the border? – Tommy Christopher

3. I’m looking to see if “electric fence” is said often enough to justify this night a drinking game – JN

4.Take seven shots and move to Canada if somebody does tonight, “refried beans” an electric fence joke (and I am authorized to make such a joke, right?) – Alex Alvarez

5. I hope to see many more jokes 9-9-9, although most fall so flat, that the net result is Herman Cain take a greater advantage in the polls. – Colby Hall

6. I’ll watch for incisive deconstruction of what sets these competitors as well as a look at what we are as people and what their lives were like before all this started. Furthermore, the type of coating can only provide concise Simon Cowell.
… Wait, what are we watching tonight? – Jon Bershad

7. Which candidate will be the first to pronounce the word “care” without the prefix “Obama” or “Romney?” – TC

8. What question inevitable gotcha Newt Gingrich Anderson Cooper launched a tirade in which he forgets that on stage is really running for president? – FM

9. Recognizing that the only time that seems to draw the attention of the media after he is aggressively moderated discussion questions, Newt Gingrich waiting to get into the face of Anderson Cooper, perhaps even to make his point, with a nudge his sternum with the index finger. – CH

10. How many times Newt Gingrich … No, I have nothing. – AA

11. French tip nails Michele Bachmann: How long will they be distracted? – Nando Di Fino

12. Rick Perry is to be heavily caffeinated? Will we see a visible, Monster Energy Drink 32 oz at his side? I am anticipating their handlers are shooting for Red Bull in the veins. – James Crugnale

13. If someone asks another scenario of a patient in a coma, which candidate will say, “That’s no way to talk about Governor Perry?” – TC

14. Rick Perry will begin speaking in Esperanto at random intervals throughout the debate? Maybe for good. – AA

15. Sue Sylvester is going to do something cur-razy! Wait, is showing this week. Seriously, guys, what are we seeing? – JB

16. Raze Cain: Now that he has had some time as a favorite, how many more hits than Herman Cain make tonight? – TC

17. What classic rock song that Herman Cain rewritten as an ode to pizza? My money is on the “Hotel California”. – FM

18. How many of my puns that Herman Cain Jon Huntsman scam? – TC

19. When Tommy, or anyone else notice that Huntsman is not there? – FM

20. A shirt Haley Barbour will host a debate storm “soy bomb” stamped on the broad chest. – CH

21. Breaking Bad is over. Community parks are on Thursday. Actually I have no idea. – JB

22. Michele Bachmann will attempt once more to confuse Obama’s alleged belief in socialism with protesters occupy Wall Street. – CH

23. Mitt Romney can raise more eyebrows authenticity of Ron Paul? – TC

24. Mitt Romney will be razor sharp in his answers, has been more pleasant than in all previous discussions, and even get a surprising number of laughs with some sharp asides out of character. This will result in more GOP handshakes Who else should enter the race. – CH

25. Oooooooooooh. GOP debate. They are still doing that? – JB

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