Rebecca Black Defence

March 24, 2011 by Post Team 

Rebecca Black Defence, At first it was because the song is so amazing, very bad. But soon, Black’s nasal voice automatic creeps into my soul. Now I have to admit I kind of love this song.

However, the crowd waved her fork that is the Internet does not agree. Since viral song Black last week, the pop star lover was 13 years castigated by just about every corner. The song was repeatedly called the worst song ever; with its accompanying music video received similar superlatives. Black has even received death threats, which only proves that people who comment online are not only wrong, but also absolutely nothing happens in their lives.

The case is mostly made me want to hug Rebecca Black. She is 13 years. She is about to star in her school production of “Oklahoma!” She’s cute but not “ew” cute. In fact, in the “Friday” video, wardrobe is black class, age appropriate, and, unlike the rest of Pop Tarts prepubertal there, not disgusting. It looks like a scholar, put-together pre-adolescence. I did not even know those still existed.

The lyrics often decried as “Friday” is, yes, very bad. But as Black’s appearance, they are also refreshing. Black did not write them, and offered a choice between two pieces of the Ark Music Factory, which produced the song and video. She chose “Friday” because, “The song was about love of other adults – I have not experienced that yet.” A young woman entering the music industry does not want to sing on issues it considers too mature for her? I think we could call it unprecedented.

But the point should not be so “Friday” sucks. It does sort of. What is the last thing an artist non-professional 13-year-old product that does not suck? Do people remember blasting black being 13? It sucked!

The big question is, what is the online video is Black? It is disturbing way you slice it. Either her parents are so attention hungry, they have exploited their daughter project of the music lover; Ark Music Factory has the video and gets to do what he wants, even and especially exploit her talents (the most likely scenario), or 13-year-old Rebecca Black has unrestricted access to the Internet without supervision and without knowing it can exploit.

The problem is how easy it is to misunderstand and misuse tools such as YouTube, especially when there are children (and yes, a 13-year-old is still a child) in question. For parents Rebecca Black: That the Earth is in the likeness of your daughter to do all over the Internet? It is not a professional musician, and the song is quite clearly not great. Why allow him to go online at all? The “Friday” video would be a great thing to own on DVD, perhaps to show the officers if she ever decides to go pro. Could someone show at the rehearsal dinner for her wedding? It would be cute. But YouTube? Really? What did you expect?

Moreover, other parents in the world: What is a video of your toddler mispronounced the word “ass”, or accidentally mixing “fire truck” sentence or release after a visit dentist online? It’s funny now, but that little munchkin will one day be a teenager and an adult. And this trick does not go far. Just because the video is more viral does not mean it is not always a profound influence on the rest of the life of your child. Do you really want people to ask your child, “Hey, you’re not” after David dentist? “Forever?

The Internet is still a little new toy, so it is understandable that people are still trying to navigate its use. But some things should be sacred, even in our culture horrible. The video bit stupid that you did at the age of 13 should not happen to you define, or haunt you for the rest of your life.

I’m sure Rebecca Black, who quickly became my idol, will recover gracefully from this hiccup. But the adults in her life should be ashamed. And Rebecca, if you read this, know that you will always be Kickin ‘it on the front seat of my heart.

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