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April 8, 2011 by Post Team 

Real Housewives Of New York, According to the New York zingers opening new housewives: LuAnn is only the beginning, which can mean more inspired pop singles on the label, which are largest in Eastern Europe are in our future. Jill knows who is and who claims to own. (As if!) Alex was always a stubborn little bith; you just realized finally let her go, plus airtime. Kelly is living the American dream, a mistake at a time. Oh, the love of … And the new housewife Cindy, who claims to have made the sxy hair, and has twin baby and a haircut Chrissie Hynde, likes things in their own terms. Some things never change: Ramona still cannot do anything if she is honest and Sonja has retained his taste for luxury, and luxury that means that men who look like a cross between Jason Statham and Guy Ritchie.

Judging from the premiere last night, this will be the season of Alex looking neck pain and radish as she tries to instigate drama with Jill. The redhead is paid! But Jill, desperate to convince the public that she is actually pure of heart, seems determined to kill his nemesis again with sour smile. On the feast of Ramona for a new Pinot Grigio – put me down for a case – Jill oozed onto the scene in a number of Orange County with a shoulder and a trimmer-looking Bobby. Happy New Ye-ah, Ye-ah Happy, Happy Ye-ah, Jill told everyone. At least Simon, who looked like he was in his third bottle of Ramona, was happy to see it. That guy is an ace in my book. Do not hold grudges, is unapologetic about its taste for pink shoes and pants with red leather accent. If his wife denied a liquor lunch weekdays, well, then it is teatime. If Jill wants to do well, you’re ready to drink to that.

Oh Jilly. I love how much we continue to say that has changed. I applauded so much that we long for approval. But honey, you’re right last year when he said he could never change. You can tell Ramona and again how beautiful she is, Oh, what a beautiful dress, what a beautiful day. But his pinched smile is not fooling anyone. Let it out girl. He owns toxicity. Towards the end of the game, Alex stood like a hungry giraffe outside the circle of women. (Watching Joni!) In court, she invited the ladies to join her at a March for Marriage Equality. Jill looked with that same tight smile, his eyes sending death rays. The exchange sent Alex fall back to the bar where another round of Ramona glugged.

Time for some girl time with Kelly in bed with Jill. Do you remember when Kelly was Batsh – last season, when his head became a cuckoo clock cleverly pointed out that nonsense spouted tears. Well, Jill caught her through that because that’s what true friends do. They have their hands in difficult times (you know, like when your dad dies.) Not only is put on speakerphone, laughing behind your back, and tell you that your friendship is. They are loyal, faithful and Jill knows, unless she is tearing you a reporter for Vanity Fair. Anyway, she was there to Kelly when the world thought it was a total fool. “I’m not crazy,” Kelly, swears that by the way is usually a warning that someone really is crazy. “I put in precarious lot with these women? Yes I navigate these situations as well? Not.” Has done a lot of growth and self-reflection during the break.

Jill took a moment to mourn the loss of Bethenny. “You’re dumped!” Said Kelly, of joy in his voice. Jill necessary Bethenny when she had a husband or a son and once the papers were filled after an exhaustive audition process by Bravo, I do not think Bryn just got the kill on the table without reading, which began Jill at the curb. “But I still love, to some extent, in some strange way of psychotic patients,” Jill complained. In this we agree. (. Ramona for not buying a sad story of Jill She blames the outbreak of Jillousy Bethenny Jill.) At this point Kelly was beginning to look a bit boring, yes, yes, love lost – and began releasing his restless eyes around the room for a plate of sweets.

On the other side of the bridge, Alex and Simon were working hard in his basement office, which was decorated by his neighbor’s teen smoking marijuana. Maybe a black leaf on the brick? A strand of pink Christmas lights really makes the pop archive. Simon has left the hotel with the intention of starting a business of social media. Alex is now a model. I love this season already! Kelly will we all know that just because you are a model does not mean we’re pretty. It means you’re photogenic, so suck on that McCord.

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