Prop 19 California Polls

November 2, 2010 by USA Post 

Prop 19 California Polls, Conventional wisdom would have liked the tea party candidates and voters oppose California Prop. 19, which would legalize marijuana in this state. Although many users of the state’s Twitter celebrities caught in the middle of California to encourage Legalize It, one would expect from Partiers most influential tea Heft every bit of sway in pooping on the Prop 19 party.

After all, Partiers tea is widely considered two things above all: conservative, and undereducated. A suspect would not be a candidate who does not know the first amendment provides for a separation of church and state to own the intellectual rigor needed to comply with a libertarian platform when it means that your 14 years can begin to obtain legal, easy access to weed.

But it seems that the Tea Party may be doing exactly that. Today, the Christian Science Monitor runs an interview with Leo Laurence, “a former deputy sheriff in California and currently a writer and pro-legalization enforcement against Prohibition (LEAP).

By his own skepticism Tea Party, he said: “I wrote that tea would probably oppose it, but then I got phone calls saying, ‘No, you’re wrong on this point. “People’s Party of tea have a very strong position that the government has no right to be involved in your private business … when you do not hurt yourself or someone else. And it ‘ Prop 19 is essentially in a nutshell. ”

Moreover, Republicans in general do not reflect the same sentiment. Prop. 19 in California polls indicate 65 percent of all Republicans oppose the proposal 19, against only 25 percent who support it. Distribution reflected in the figures of the poll reveals a deep disagreement between the Tea Party and other facets of the GOP establishment. Recently, Karl Rove, a descendant of the founding of the Bush era GOP, Sarah Palin insinuated was not fit to serve as president. Yesterday, Palin called the GOP establishment that seeks to discredit his “dubious”, while her Sarah Palin CAP pays large sums to this “shady” candidate.

The Tea Party may be in a bit of an identity crisis, and they may inherit the dominant power structure in place of the Republicans, themselves becoming “establishment GOP.” If that happens, it will be a disappointment for those of us on the left. But hey, at least we’ll be able to generate a J in peace.

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