Proof Yeti Footprints, Hair Samples

October 12, 2011 by staff 

Proof Yeti Footprints, Hair SamplesProof Yeti Footprints, Hair Samples, The Russians say they have found evidence of the Yeti or Abominable Snowman, is real. It is not, Alexander Ovechkin. There is another hairy ear, similar to our own Sasquatch or Bigfoot.

Or so say researchers who found a footprint Russians, hair samples, a nest of sticks in a cave in Siberia, and what they describe as clear signs of Yeti mark their territory. I do not really want to know how a Yeti mark their territory. Can not be healthy for the trees.

Now do not be cynical. The weekend announcement by the government of the Kemerovo region fairly drips with gravity. It reads:

“During the expedition to the cave Azasskaya, (scientists) gathered indisputable proof that the mountains are inhabited by Shori Snow Man.”

They are not talking Frosty.

The timing is interesting, since the ski season is approaching and Siberia there are lots of stuffed animals to sell Yeti.

Among hunter Snowman is the legend of heavyweight boxing Nikolai Valuyev, the beast a bit groggy from the East.

“I saw a lot of reporters, but not Yetis,” the beast after his visit to the cave.

Hmmm. Bigfoot is a smell I (and apparently a bad smell in the sky)? Or a big hype?

Well, hell, the Russians are on our side now, so we have to believe them.

Otherwise, we will look foolish if you really take a Yeti.

“We’re close,” said Dr. Igor Burtsev, head of the expedition, there are about 30 figures in them thar hills yetis. Likely, he says, modern Neanderthals.

Or old-fashioned thieves. Someone or something has been stealing cattle in the region.

Those nasty temper, is not good, down the Yak-Thievin ‘yetis.

Sightings of the snowmen are more common since the Communists fell, but return for millions of years, as they do in the Himalayas.

Closer to home, the Canadian Mint has just released fourth special edition with the Sasquatch. The rough look of nickel from the forest as if to say, “Catch me if you can”.

I bet that the currency is a success. We love the Canucks mythical monsters even more than the Russians.

Our forests are littered with them. Bigfoot has been seen from BC to northern Ontario and the border. A lady in Michigan says she feeds them in your backyard.

There Wendigo, the cannibal change shape of the Ojibwe, who eats people in a cottage.

You’re lucky if you have come nose to nose with a jackalope and lived to tell.

It is a hare in a bad mood with sharp, pointed horns. Ronald Reagan had one mounted on the wall of his ranch. It is used to scare journalists.

And, of course, is the dreaded beast of block, of which only rare sightings have occurred in Quebec since the last election.

On moonless nights on the banks of the Saguenay, you can hear her cry, “Long live free Quebec, followed by a muffled cry and sad.

I preamble to Queen West, who is no stranger to strangers. Most locals believe that the Yeti.

“Everything is possible”, a mystical vision I called Caitlin Weaver says.

“I’ve camped a lot in the woods, and eerie feelings I had, cunning,” he says.

Some time ago, a friend of hers saw Bigfoot on a fishing trip near North Bay. Description usual. Tall, hairy, manly.

(Simon Cowell?)

And, perhaps because of drinking, a little blurry. That is like all myths need to be. Makes mysterious, magnetic, magical. This reminds us that the world is not always as monotonous as the nerds, bankers and bureaucrats say it is.

If Bigfoot has a cousin in the city, which is in a place like deepest, darkest West Queen.

If he is real. If the Russians are trying to make monkeys of us.

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