Project Runway Season 8 Episode 8

September 17, 2010 by Post Team 

Project Runway Season 8 Episode 8, ‘Project Runway’ has done very well in his back to the contestants. In this episode, the contestants had to create an American team sport to Jackie Kennedy as his muse. Jackie Kennedy was a great example of the All-American look, and she was always classy and as a whole. The challenge this week, I recalled the challenge of Season 3 Fashion icon, except that everyone has the same icon.

When all the participants thought they had their stereotypes of one day, and 150 of the budget, Tim appeared and announced a new challenge: to create a look for outerwear.

With about nine contestants, the editors decided it was not yet there’s always drama extras. Let’s all forget that April was also in this episode. Not provide the theater, created a new black dress and placed in the middle-grade participants. No peach or about April Casanova designed by herself.

I wish I could say that the episode was unpredictable, but it was not. The outerwear rotation adds nothing to the episode. After ditching his first employer, Mondo was the clear favorite throughout the episode. Not only combine his love for strong colors and patterns, created a simplistic design that would be perfect for Jackie O. Tim understands the work immediately and outerwear Mondo was perfect for tying the whole together. The models are the unsung heroes of this season and has Eyen mood and walk perfectly.

Valerie was the only contestant from falling into a ditch by the challenge. She made a jacket before she learned that she had to do a piece of warm clothing. Traditionally, jackets, coats and jackets are considered outerwear, but I would have accepted if Valerie had created a scarf that straddled the line between accessories and outerwear. Instead, they created a vest to put over a jacket. I was surprised that Valerie had a breakdown or call home last week and fell in the middle, followed by a low score this week. You must call home again.

A general rule for the contestants is to listen to Tim Gunn. Michael Drummond was sent home because he stood his ground. Must have been a problem if he called her skirt “Puritan” and Tim called “Annie Oakley.” Could have saved her skirt? Possibly, if Drummond did not stupidly high waist.

The judges this week were harsh. Along with Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and Heidi, sat ‘Mad Men’s’ January Jones in the fourth chair. Not only do I find a proper judge and in a television program period in which Kennedy was concerned, January is a bold dresser. Her Emmy dress failed this year, but her dress last year was amazing. larger issue of judges was that most of the outer clothing was not working with other teams. The rotation is not at least six of the contestants. Although Ivy and Christopher were at the top, could not have won, because Heidi Ivy called out in a “B**bage” cut in the jacket and shrug Christopher looked like a “dirty dish rag.”

Low scores, Valerie, Drummond, Michael and Andy, had his ass handed to them. For Heidi, Valerie made a “coat over a jacket, which reminded me that Heidi also thought Ivy made” pants pants “back in Episode 1. Nina reminded that zips and folds can become tricks. Michael Drummond suit was called schizophrenic. Andy has a bit of hatred of all judges. When she came to MC Hammer, expect the worst. Michael D. was sent home, so now I can finally just say “Michael” to define Michael Costello.

As for the other contestants, Michael C. only survived because there were some ugly set here, so your ccktail dress was forgivable. Gretchen designs have faded into the background, but his mouth does not have. If I could get out of this hippie / earth tone idea, maybe she could become a force again.

Was the elimination of Michael Drummond is right? Did you know that Michael Costello would be the last one standing Michael? Leave your comments below.

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