Project Runway Season 8 Episode 7

September 10, 2010 by Post Team 

Project Runway Season 8 Episode 7, It is out of St. Tropez “Project Runway” Peep!

Well, almost. The challenge today with Tim Gunn and Michael Kors look completely overdressed on a dock. They have to create a look that represents your resortwear views on 100.

Mondo said that his idea of complex time is walking around his apartment in a shirt and underwear. Andy has a crest giant flame passes as it is a great distraction. April wants to create a resort in a nursing home. And there’s a twist. They are paired in groups of two and have to each other to see. Lots of blubbering mass. Mondo is paired with Michael C, which last won a massive snottiness. Ivy does not think Michael is up to his level. Basically no one thinks that no one is as good as them. Gretchen makes annoying comments on everything, but maybe if she just ignore it will happen.

Michael Kors makes the critical workroom. He says they need to leave your dog because designers rarely make all the pieces in his collection. Concerned that the pants are too old Casanova. Gretchen is doing a palazzo pants exaggerated and Michael wants to see new colors because it is trapped in Luxe team. Part likes April, but he says he made a short boy short without it being a diaper. No Ivy includes the design of everything and thinks that looks careerish.

He tells everyone hates Valerie colors. Valerie gets to call home. Gretchen this week by another. Everything is random. Does everyone come to call home? Or just those who are particularly sucked that week. And Mondo is upset that caught Michael C. because he believes he has two looks very nice. Michael C. seems to be the nicest person in the world and not understand why everyone hates him and why you like to sew sew. Cowboy up, young fashion. It’s time to get the whiplash snark and put these jerks in their place, I say. Ivy is a nightmare. She has not stopped Michael D. just for one second, quickly going crazy.

Judges: Kors, Nina Garcia, Heidi and … Veronica Mars? Yes, it’s Kristen Bell, an actress who has nothing to do with fashion. Most designers seem to stare at her – who is this girl at random? Again, PR is the crazy crazy – a week is a great judge Cynthia Rowley, and then the girl with the actress at random.

Andy, April and D. Michael has the best qualifications. Ivy, Casanova and Mondo have the lowest scores. No! No Mondo! April Kors thinks black multi-bound top and sheer boy shorts equal “hard, punk, baby.” Veronica Mars says she describes herself as a punk, wrist nerve and it definitely would use … on the red carpet. We think it’s kidding. But hey, look kind of gross.

Andy a piece of silver-trimmed purple bathing suit with a silk chiffon wrap receives many compliments. Heidi says a lot of hot women who want to use. Nina says it’s sophisticated. Michael D. ‘S black linen dress with chain detail work in all aspects, “says Kors.

Veronica Mars says that their efforts and Nina says it will work for women of different ages. Michael Ivy attacks and says he does not think about how they are dressed and off. Michael D. agrees and says they do not speak the same language.

On the other side of the coin of fashion, Nina is very disappointed in the palm fronds Mondo batwing jacket and blue striped shorts and bikini. She says it looks cheap. Kors says it looks like a strange set of clothes from Forever 21 sale rack. gray-green top and skirt tankish Ivy flowing fault of D. Michael ‘s, Ivy says, because they believed he was doing what she had designed. Kors says that the whole team has no personality. Nina says it’s good technically, but wondered if the ivy can become creative ideas. Heidi says Ivy is to shoot Michael D. under the bus.

Ivy denies. Then there is a whole discussion of what “under the bus” means. This means that it is completely overused and should be cut all to hell. Along with “Hot Mess”.

Casanova outside shoulder, waist up tight white pants and beige that remind him of his grandmother. Kors said that if it is for a grandmother sitting in the mall, it has, but not beachwear. Nina says that there is nothing fresh about the team and can not understand the constant change in cloth or she almost nkd sxy 70.

April wins for its pure hottie punk outfit. Casanova is out of the pipe from his grandmother. He looks confused. He says he is not sad but disappointed. There is a long video buh-bye.

Next week: This is Jackie O.

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