Project Runway Season 8 Episode 5

August 27, 2010 by Post Team 

Project Runway Season 8 Episode 5, Choo-choo! Listen to Gretchen? That’s the fashion Karma chugging train station away from him … you may want to look. I think it is to his people!

Sooo … What about Project Runway last night, peep? I’m so happy this show is recovered mojo, and so the dah-rama in a fun and talented.

This week we had our first team challenge arising from Ego Team, led by Gretchen and his little parrot Iago, Ivy, against a team led by Misfit no more than a dream.

They had to collect the elements of their designs to go with what’s hot for fall 2010, and just threw the generic usual things fall all hot, did not they? Do not see things exactly thos every September issue of InStyle?

So anyway, I went with menswear team and Camel Toe (or beige) and the mismatch of the team was with the military and lace.

Cut to the workroom, where Gretchen is carrying a whip around, barking orders, and flogging Michael C. show any potential dissidents what if his disobedience. Ivy is just going round in circles with straightpins stuck around her saying, “Yes!” What did Gretchen! “.

Over Cassa-Noba Team Misfit is tired. Tim came in and basically said it’s good that you can make clothing for transsexuals old, but this is Project Runway. So Spanish Cassanova bursts into tears and runs into the “relaxation room, where he laments how his power was in the pants by Dolce and Gabba Valerie cut into pieces, and is even gaining weight. And just before you take an open seams to model the jugular … enters and saves the day. She gives a talk nonsense that made perfect sense to his fragile state, and as a torero that hit some Sgt. Pepper pants and a matching lace top. Ole!

It’s time to go to the track where all the magic happens … and we see the results. Team Ego actually called they Team Luxe should have been called Bread Pudding equipment. Because that is what all those dresses looked. Bread Pudding All as beige and neglected … well … I guess … BREAD PUDDING.

So lace Military yays win, and I fell a little bit more in love with Mondo. Everyone said that Cassanova must win, and Cassanova, surprisingly not crown himself, but said he should have won Peach. Awwwwssss.

But wins Cassanova, and it’s all Happy Happy Joy Joy for misfits.

Now is the time to flog team and me all the judges give em hell for all those who made the clothes look like what your Aunt Jane purchase out of Newport News catalog.

And holy hell. Gretchen completely reverses the script and goes bananas! What a psycho! Suddenly, these clothes was fromt most inspired and gifted time pieces of cloth sewn on the show, so she had to suffer through all these hacks I was assigned. Loved the way the judges just his backhand all over the place, especially Nina: “I hate you all Smith.”

Poor Michael C, which actually made the best looking shirt in the group, just cast over and over again. But in the end, AJ had to be the one to walk the plank with Gretchen. And if it were me, you gave me heart pincushion stuffed she led him into Gretchen’s mouth and taped it closed. But he is a coward, and they sent me home. Poor AJ. Please consider that the crotch of the strip a few weeks ago you out …

Finally Uncle Tim returns to the stage that AJ to get to hell, but goes ape poop around Ego and Gretchen team! Yes! So impressive. Basically told them they were idiots and should be sent home Heil Gretchen. This makes the whole team to turn Gretchen dramz can only mean more to come!

Next week is cray-cray because they have very special models for sewing, which usually means mom or transsexual, and there’s a twist!

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