Pretty Little Liars Season 2

June 15, 2011 by Post Team 

Pretty Little Liars Season 2Pretty Little Liars Season 2, After much waiting and guessing and agonizing over the identity of A and the whereabouts of Ian, “Pretty Little Liars” is finally ready to return with a second season (hopefully, oh my God, hopefully) to answer for At least some of our burning questions. But you know the old saying: “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive?” Well, it’s a kind of rosewood cheating the U.S. capital and our liars have very little mess, indeed. So before you plop down all of the second season tonight, we’ll take a few minutes to unravel bit, okay? We break where we are, very little liar liar.

No matter how much drama a lower tastic, which never seems to overshadow all the charm of the story Ezri, right? The need to know about Aria is that things are complicated with Ezra expected. Sure, he got the job in Hollis. He resigned her supporting performance in rosewood. Things were looking up for the couple and then (dun dun dun!) The former appears. Yes, the ex-boyfriend of Ezra is also a teacher in Hollis (small world, eh?); And Aria is not exactly what springs more than news.
Of all the liars and all their drama, Emily’s position is perhaps the most surprising. The last time we left our favorite fibers, Emily’s mother was seriously considering the possibility of FAM packing for the move to Texas. And if Google maps is that nowhere near Rosewood. We believe that for something that might actually cause Em stay in town, but Shay Mitchell assured us that she is really doing the suitcases. Huy. I wonder when they will be back (because it has to come back … right?)
Oh, Hanna, you and your crazy little love triangles will only lead us wild. When we are to love life-or-Hanna? Well, take a deep breath and try to stay up to date: Caleb left, obviously, and Mona is doing everything that is going to keep it that way, even going so far as invasion of privacy in the first degree (detection of Hanna calls). Enter Lucas, in a pretty ballsy move, Mona says you need to step back and finally decided to be oh-so-selfless and bring Caleb back to Hanna himself because apparently he is the kind of person who wants it happy, even if not with him. It would be nice if we could be absolutely sure that not driving the car that struck Spencer and Melissa. Speaking of Spencer, the girl was at the heart of all the heavy drama in the final. She chased all about to die (more than once), had an epic battle (well, maybe “battle” is a slight exaggeration) with Ian and made some super detective. She bought an untraceable phone and orchestrated the whole Ian research (although that did not work so well). Melissa and the baby in the hospital after a car accident and Ian anywhere, we can predict Spencer will be the most stressed of the season are two.

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