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Pretty Little Liars Season 2, (Wall Street Journal (blog)) — Pop Quiz: What sex and scandal filled teen drama has a group of friends quite impossible to live in a seemingly idyllic enclave rich, mysterious, teasing text messages from an anonymous, but all-seeing observer, and a girl-ethnic ambiguous occasionally locks lips with other girls?

If you answered “Gossip Girl“, you are right. (Remember the trio, in which Vanessa got it on with Hilary Duff?) But if your answer is “pretty little liars” from ABC Family drama flagship response to the CW, is also correct.

Try to summarize “PLL” for someone who has never seen an episode, and the synopsis sounds like nothing more than a list of names accompanied by modifiers of scandal: The blond, Hanna, is a former bulimic with a shoplifting problem and absent parent. An ethnic ambiguity, Emily, is an athlete hiding his bisexuality. The brunette, Aria, she lived in Iceland for a while, is engaged with his English teacher, and kept the secret of her father’s infidelity to her mother. The other brunette, Spencer, is an overachiever, with a habit of stealing boyfriends older sister. The four were once BFF with Alison, a queen bee who disappeared a year ago in mysterious circumstances, and that there was some serious dirt in each of our four heroines.

Got it? Well. tonight’s first end of the summer season tied up some loose ends, leaving the most important mystery series-the identity of the malevolent “A”, which has been torturing our pretty little liars by text from Episode 1-sin solve. Given the number of books in which the show is based lasted four volumes before the identification of A, then there was a new start for playing with the PLL in the next installment, we expect the writers to drag this series for a while longer.

dramatic conclusion of the episode takes place in the forest, where most characters in the series have come together to “Mona glamping mean girl” who “s” glamor “mashed camping-birthday party. Before we can get, however, each girl has her own individual story to conclude.

Hanna and her mother are trying to cope with their sudden reversal of fortune. Ms. Marin can not pay your mortgage, chances are that they will lose their home. In order to prevent the mother of Hanna takes desperate measures: stealing wads of cash from the safe in an elderly woman who is a customer at his bank.

Meanwhile, Hanna is on a tightrope with Mona after she did not see for a shopping excursion on weekdays. But she decided to attend the birthday party Mona despite being invited, since A PLLs has sent the text saying that he or she might want it to reveal itself for the party: “a treasure hunt Mona camp and I am the prize. Come and get me, btches. ”

Aria tries to put its house in order is chaotic and metaphorically, when it struck to put a book in his locker that contains a poem written by Mr. Fitz, Professor of English. The poem, called “B-26,” it is clear that about her: “It is a number. / It’s a song. / It’s a girl,” reads the first stanza. (The following verse, however, is a total mystery, meaning-wise: “Smooth. / Pearl joy full. / Falafel gold, / as if the ice. … Eh?)

She faces Mr. Fitz in his office, telling him that he should have fought for it, if he truly loved her. Aria current crush, the beautiful and age appropriate Noel, almost overhears his conversation with heating. In particular, Mr. Noel and Fitz exactly the same.

Spencer tries to make peace with his sister, Melissa, in part because of Ian, the child Melissa Spencer surreptitiously date and Macken, is back in town. We see in flashback that was kissing Alison and Ian Spencer.

Emily juggles see his quasi-girlfriend Maya with the return of her soldier father. His mother knows that Emily leading a double life that somehow got a hold of pictures of two girls kissing, but can not tell Emily that she is in it. Emily also surprised when, as is returning to Mona’s birthday party, he discovers that there is a stowaway in their car.

Toby is the main suspect in the murder of Alison. Police have discovered a tape Alison did the day of his death, which addresses invisible to a viewer knows about how he wants to kiss her and saw a man’s sweater. The feds have deduced that the object of the video is Toby, although everyone remembers Ali absolutely despised him. According to Toby, however, he is innocent. He met with Alison right before he died, but only to inadvertently give thanks for his professional life outside of a relationship with his sister. He tells Emily he saw out of his meeting Ali by getting into a car with another man, presumably the person that your video was directed into reality.

plans made by Toby to skip town, but it is not intended to be, which is apprehended by police before he can make his getaway.

As Toby is doing laps, Aria, Emily, and Spencer is maximized Mona camp. Hanna hidden in the forest, determined to beat A. their game. PLLs and decoding a note left for them by A, suggesting that they should take a trip to a nearby park to find answers, Aria Mr.Fitz receive a text asking to meet him.

Emily and Spencer walk to the playground, where they find a tree with a recorded message on it: “Alison + Ian.” So the man of mystery was Alison Melissa’s boyfriend! Meanwhile, Fitz Aria meets and have a steamy encounter, one that saw Hanna, who happens to be in a clearing nearby with binoculars.

She is in the right place at the right time, because, as Aria and Fitz are getting in a hooded stranger slipped to cars Fitz and write “I See You” in what looks like blood in the back window. After seeing this, your friends Hanna wrote a text: “I know who is A..” She asked to meet him in a nearby parking lot.

The other three are gathered together and the stain Hanna. Hanna moving toward them. But before he can unmask A. once and for all to SLAM! A car comes out of nowhere, beats, and leaves. Aria then a final text: “She knew too much. A.” As the episode closes, Emily Hanna cries for help while lying on the ground, being mortal.

Think you know who is A.? Think of the writers to do? Think “Pretty Little Liars” is juicy enough to be more than a “Gossip Girl” scam? Sound off in comments.

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