Presidents Day 2011

February 21, 2011 by USA Post 

Presidents Day 2011, Presidents Day is a federal holiday, if you’re wondering if you can make any bank today, chances are, most branches will be closed. Wachovia Bank and officials of the State Credit Union branches will probably be open, according ENCToday, but chains of other bank will be closed in compliance with the holidays and will reopen on Tuesday, February 22. Post offices will be closed today and no mail will be delivered. Federal government agencies also observe the Presidents Day holiday. Presidents Day is considered a great time for shopping and there are many stores offering deals today to encourage people to go out and spend money. Best Buy, JC Penny and Sears are just a few stores offering bargains today.

Today is a holiday called President’s Day or Presidents’ Day and George Washington’s B-Day, depending on where you live? Regardless of what he called in your neck of the woods, the original intent of Congress in creating the federal holiday in 1880 was to celebrate George Washington’s B-Day.

Actual birthday of George Washington on Feb. 22, but in 1971 the festival was moved to the third Monday of February. According to Wikipedia, he was in the mid-1980s that “the Presidents’ Day”, the term began to appear in trade after advertisers began to push for that. Now, about a dozen state governments have formally renamed the festival that the Presidents’ Day celebrates both Washington and Lincoln. Some states celebrate this day in their own way:

In Massachusetts, the state officially celebrates “Washington’s Birthday” the same day as the federal holiday. State law also directs the governor to issue an annual “Presidents’ Day” on May 29 proclamations honoring the presidents roots Massachusetts: John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Calvin Coolidge and John F. Kennedy.
Alabama only observes the day as “Washington and Jefferson Day”, even if Thomas Jefferson’s birthday is in April.
In Connecticut, Illinois and Missouri, while Washington’s Birthday is a federal holiday, the anniversary of Abraham Lincoln is always a national holiday, falling on February 12 regardless of the day of the week.
In the home state of Washington of Virginia, the holiday is legally known as “George Washington Day.”

Today, most schools, government offices and banks will be closed in observance of President’s Day. Here in Minnesota and other parts of the country, it will also be a snow day after receiving more than a foot of snow on Sunday and planned for Monday. So if you’re home because you have a holiday today or because the snow has trapped you in, or you have a sick child {OK, maybe that’s just me enjoy a} few questionnaires presidential and eat something with cherries, just for the nostalgia of childhood love.

On Tuesday, I’ll have a client from a representative of the United States to stay connected to their constituents. So be sure to tune back in for it. Over and out

It’s a great day to remember our commanders, and former chief. Presidents Day 2011 will be remembered as presidents, but he also has super-Presidents Day sales!
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