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November 21, 2010 by staff 

Presa Canario, Animal welfare officials fear underground dogfighting is on the rise after several large canines suffering from mysterious wounds and scars went to the Humane Society of Calgary and an accompanying peak in advertising line for the fierce, muscular dogs.

The Humane Society and the city of Calgary are so concerned about the proliferation of ads, they asked local online shopping site to block messages that use words such as “big head size” and “fearless, aggressive and strong “to describe animals for sale.

“When you see a bunch of scars on the body of an animal at different stages of healing, a finding that is very suspect,” said Patricia Cameron, CEO of the Humane Society of Calgary. “When you see an animal whose ears have been really hacked off … usually it’s because the owner wants the dog looks more ferocious and frightening.”

Mrs. Cameron, her organization has seen an increase in the number of ads for dogs that are generally unsuited to the ownership of the family pet – large breeds such as Perro de Presa Canario, Dogo Argentino and Cane Corso dogs robust and very faithful traditionally used to guard, and now she fears the fighting.

“Because they are of very large animals, and because their reproduction was made specifically for foster care lines, which means they are very loyal to their family, but very wary of strangers and they would their territory as a place they need to patrol and control, “says Cameron.

The Humane Society has worked with officials Kijiji through a program of community supervision that the suspicious advertisements are identified and removed if they contain red flags – phrases that are bragging about the size of a dog and ferocity with code words to hide some farmers use animal fighting prowess cons.

But it’s a constant battle as vendors find new ways of describing their animals once the original ad was taken down.

Terms such as “blue nose”, “red nose” and “Xtreme” are euphemisms for frequent pit bulls, a breed Kijiji banned from all its locations across Canada.

“When there is a suspicion that we are dealing with such ads, where a poster can be a dog of negotiation in order to fight, we will make the announcement,” said Christian Jasserand, Head of Service Customer Kijiji.

Some unethical breeders are more difficult to identify. Ms. Cameron has often encountered the phrase, “The father was imported from Texas,” a description no sellers legitimate use to describe the temperament of a dog, “she said.

An announcement on Thursday to a litter of puppies Rocky Mountain Cane Corso – dogs that can reach as high as £ 110 -. “Big head” refers to the animal

Another ad for an English Mastiff contained the subject line “Great great watchdog.”

“She keeps an eye on my place when I (sic) not home and when I’m home, she let me know if someone comes into the yard,” wrote the seller.

Bill Bruce, director of animal and bylaw of the City of Calgary, says that most dogs bred for the fight against Alberta are likely to be shipped south of the border, where Canadian authorities can not not follow the animals. When dogs are left with scars suspicious, he said, many turn to have been saved from the United States.

But for Mr. Bruce, the apparently growing popularity of dogs bred for fighting is a sign of a larger problem: the sale of pets on the Internet.

“I hope people think more get a pet than they do when buying a pair of shoes,” he said. “If you take an animal into your home you want spend some time with her, and put some more thought into it than just a whim on the Internet and a cash transaction in an alley somewhere.”

He said that the problem is magnified when groups to protest against the sale of animals in pet stores, which encourages breeders and buyers to go online.

RJ Bailot Calgary is an animal rights activist who is a full-time volunteer with the rescue Pound charity. He remembers a pitbull saved the organization last year that the workers were able to trace to a rancher for sale on Kijiji. The dog had severe hip problems and his ears had been cut.

“Many people who fight dogs do so if the dogs do not tear each other’s ears,” said Bailot, which refers to websites that allow farmers to sell their dogs as “glorified puppy mills.”

“Kijiji is so convenient for any Joe to go and buy a dog. They pay 400 and it is,” he said. “That’s what makes it very easy for people to sell their animals.”

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