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Premonition, Deadly ”Premonition” is the Game Guru’s choice for the best worst game of 2010.What do I mean by that? Well, it’s not very well made. The graphics are terrible, the animation is crude, and the game-play is rather basic and unrefined. But there is something about this horror action-adventure game that drew me in and clung to me with its awkward, poorly rendered claws. It has HEART; No, not of the Captain Planet variety. The characters, the writing and the sheer love put into this game shone through the myriad flaws and kept me coming back for more until the credits rolled.

A description of Deadly ”Premonition”” would be something like “Twin Peaks seen through the lens of Japanese culture.” But this description doesn’t quite capture the entire essence of the game. Yes, many of its story elements were inspired by the Lynchian murder-mystery, but after a certain point the game starts going in its own direction, becoming a rather unusual story experience.

You play the role of quirky FBI Agent Francis “York” Morgan who is on the case of a grisly murder of a young woman in a small northwestern American town. Stop me if you’ve heard this before. You will meet the town’s kooky inhabitants, including its very own version of the “Log Lady,” drinking plenty of coffee while visiting a bizarre supernatural otherworld. The twist is that you fight the crazed inhabitants of this nightmare realm in order to track down the murderer, and hopefully prevent him from reducing the town’s population any further.

The soundtrack is equal parts brilliant and schizophrenic. It will jump suddenly from haunting melodies to strangely out-of-place jaunty tunes. Awkward as it may be, it became one of the game’s many quirky charms. The cheerful whistling song, “Life is Beautiful,” is particularly memorable and has become a rather persistent earworm.

No other game of 2010 has made more of an impression on me than Deadly ”Premonition”, despite its awkward game-play contrivances and sub-par graphics. The story of Agent York and his mission to take down the Raincoat Killer kept bringing me back over the course of the year and the memories of my adventure will stay with me for years to come.

After two joyous months, I’ve finally completed Deadly ‘Premonition” and have to say that no game, or even film, has ever made such an emotional impact on me. The subtle and tender way the relationship between York and Emily develops is just one high point and makes the relationship mechanics in games like Grand Theft Auto IV and Mass Effect 2 seem clumsy and unbelievable. The characters, plot and sheer quirkiness make this a very special game, and considering nearly all shops are selling it for £15 I implore all GC readers to give this game a go before it disappears for good.


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